Jennifer Snowden Hints At Kathryn Dennis Reconciliation After ‘Southern Charm’ Filming

On Friday, Bravo released a preview for the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion show. The clip shows Kathryn Dennis and Jennifer Snowden facing off over the demise of their friendship. While Jennifer maintains that she did nothing wrong to incur Kathryn’s wrath, Kathryn claims that Jennifer did her wrong by switching her loyalty to Thomas Ravenel. After Thomas defends Kathryn and the argument between Kathryn and Jennifer heats up, Kathryn drops the bombshell claim that Jennifer testified against her in her child custody case with Thomas and lied under oath. Upon hearing Kathryn’s allegation, Jennifer looks stunned.

The clip of the upcoming episode shows a big departure from how things used to be between Jennifer and Kathryn. On Season 3, Jennifer was Kathryn’s firm ally. In one episode, Jennifer’s loyalty to Kathryn even caused Thomas to accuse her of being Kathryn’s spy. On the Season 3 reunion show, Jennifer, one of Kathryn’s few friends from the cast, showed up in order to help defend her. When the other cast members expressed bewilderment over how Kathryn and Jennifer could be such good friends given that Jennifer once dated, very briefly, Thomas, Kathryn said that Thomas fooled Jennifer just as he did her and that she doesn’t blame Jennifer at all.

Yet as viewers saw from Season 4, Kathryn and Jennifer’s friendship ended after filming the Season 3 reunion show. Apparently, Kathryn was bothered by how Thomas, during the Season 3 reunion show, gave Jennifer a handkerchief to wipe away her tears as she talked about her difficult pregnancy and Jennifer accepted. Kathryn took the seemingly innocent gesture as a betrayal. Later, in one Season 4 episode, Jennifer expressed bewilderment to Kathryn over her behavior. Despite Jennifer’s pleas, Kathryn remained unmoved and seemingly showed Jennifer no concern, even when Jennifer broke down as she recounted the birth of her son, who had to have brain surgery shortly after his birth.

Judging by the Season 4 reunion show clip, it would seem that Kathryn and Jennifer’s relationship has only deteriorated further since. Yet Jennifer has recently posted some tweets that indicate that viewers will in fact see her and Kathryn reconcile, or at least agree to be civil towards one another, by the end of the reunion show.

In response to one viewer who accused Jennifer Snowden of bashing Kathryn Dennis, Jennifer said that she only defended herself in response to Kathryn’s words. Jennifer added that she thinks that both she and Kathryn are past their drama now and advised the viewer to watch the reunion show.

In response to another viewer who asked Jennifer if she went after Kathryn at the reunion show, Jennifer said that while she didn’t do that, she did defend herself. Jennifer also said that it was all respectful.

Jennifer even complemented Kathryn on how she looked during her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night.

As for Kathryn’s accusation that Jennifer testified against her in her child custody case with Thomas Ravenel, Jennifer made it clear that she didn’t have a choice in testifying since she was subpoenaed.

Jennifer also pointed out that her testimony didn’t happen until months after filming for Southern Charm Season 4 ended, so Kathryn couldn’t have been angry at her back then over that.

Jennifer Snowden in the past certainly hasn’t been afraid to be vocal about Kathryn Dennis’ qualities as a parent. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jennifer in April tweeted that Kathryn still has an “uncontrollable” drug habit and that’s the reason why she still can’t see her kids.

[Featured Image by Bravo]