Demi Lovato Tells LGBTQ Community: ‘I Will Continue To Stand With You’

For Demi Lovato, her support of the LGBTQ community comes from a personal place, having close friends who identify with an orientation that is other than straight, as well as having amassed a large LGBTQ fanbase. Now, Demi adds her voice, or rather her pen, in support, as she helps Billboard celebrate Gay Pride Month with a love letter to the LGBTQ community.

Demi Lovato Writes To The LGBTQ Community

Celebrating Gay Pride Month, Billboard has been reaching out to some of pop music’s greatest artists to pen love letters to the LGBTQ community. Among the list of singers eager to participate is Demi Lovato, and, as she writes in her letter, this was something that interested her because she wanted to give back to the large portion of LGBTQ fans who have been so supportive of her music.

In her letter, Demi specifically mentions the gay men dancing at her concerts, letting the music sweep them away, as well as acknowledging that some of her own close friends can lay claim to belonging to the LGBTQ community.

Lovato says she has felt her own sense of pride in watching Gay Pride Month unite society in greater numbers, driving up support for LGBTQ people worldwide.

“This is a community who are so incredibly close to my heart,” Demi writes. “Every single interaction I’ve ever had with the LGBTQ community has always been filled with pure love, enthusiasm, and passion for life.”

Ms. Lovato adds that she can feel the growing support of LGBTQ people in society, so she feels certain that millions of people are now backing the need for more equality among those living an LGBTQ-related lifestyle.

Demi Lovato, LGBTQ

There’s Still A Long Way To Go, Says Demi Lovato

As Just Jared Jr. reports, Demi still finds herself feeling disappointed in humanity, as injustices against those in the LGBTQ community continue to occur. The “Let It Go” singer says she still struggles to understand why equality still comes into question among certain groups within our society. Lovato, like many others, believes that mankind should have resolved these issues by the 21st century.

Still, there is hope, says Lovato. She says everyone in the LGBTQ community, from her closest friends to her immense fanbase, continually inspire her with hope. Seeing the love and support of equality overcoming hate and bigotry gives Demi the inspiration to keep fighting for equality for all.

“You inspire, empower, and encourage me every day, and I will continue to stand with you and will give you all the same and more in return,” wrote Ms. Lovato.

Demi Lovato, Gay Pride Month

Demi added that the LGBTQ community has been a large part of her life, both personally and professionally.

Demi Lovato recently released a new single, “No Promises,” which she teased would be included in an upcoming new LP.

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