Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Released — Mentally Ill Man Broke In Intending To Sexually Assault Her

Sandra Bullock’s stalker was quietly released from a mental hospital and is back on the streets. The mentally ill man broke into the actress’ home back in 2014 with plans to sexually assault her.

Sandra’s stalker is free

Sandra Bullock is likely feeling alarmed that her stalker is back out in public. A judge did grant the Hollywood actress’ lawyers’ request to make her temporary restraining order against Joshua Corbett permanent in court on Friday.

The stalker will be required to remain 200 yards away from Sandra until 2022.

However, TMZ reported that Sandra Bullock and her lawyers were told that the mentally ill man would be kept in a facility for at least six months after he pleaded no contest to one felony count of stalking and one count of first-degree burglary.

While Corbett did not succeed in injuring her back in 2014, he did have extremely detailed diaries explaining his plans to sexually assault the actress.

The mentally unstable individual also had a stash of weapons that was discovered upon his arrest. Police found 35 firearms in his home, including assault rifles and explosive devices.

A traumatic experience she was lucky to be alive after

Bullock’s stalker will be monitored by an out-patient program but just knowing he is free probably does not make her too comfortable.

According to the search warrant, Sandra and her stalker had a very chilling encounter when he broke into her house.

sandra bullock mentally ill stalker released early from facility

The actress said she went to her bedroom door to lock it after hearing a loud banging inside the house when she saw a dark, tall figure standing there in her hallway.

She closed the door, locked it, and called 911.

Bullock is lucky that Corbett didn’t bust down her door with one of his guns before the police arrived.

sandra bullock mentally ill stalker released early from facility

TMZ reported after the arrest that a machine gun was also found in the stalker’s possession.

In court document, the actress said that the stalker was so mentally challenged that he believed that she was “his wife” and that her “child was his child.”

The stalker reportedly begged her, “Sandy, I am sorry, please don’t press charges.”


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