A Donald Trump One-Piece Swimsuit Has Been Released And The Internet Is Losing It

One company is giving consumers an incredibly unique bathing suit option this summer — and it just so happens to have President Trump’s enlarged face on it.

Beloved, the masterminds behind the new Donald Trump-inspired bathing suit, are well known for creating quirky clothing with off-the-wall designs. The company makes anything from T-shirts to adult onesies to swimwear and more. Some unique items available for purchase on their website include an adult onesie with gummy worms, pepperoni pizza shoes, and even a T-shirt with a unicorn puking a rainbow. But it’s their newest and perhaps most controversial swimsuit that has people talking.

The one piece, which is currently on sale for $49.95 (retails for $59.95), is titled “Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit.” The suit shows an up-close-and-personal view of Donald Trump with his jaw almost to the floor. According to the website, the suit is hand cut and sewn in California, and the description states that it will contour to your body and be flattering on any figure.

So far, there’s just a single review of the suit on Beloved’s website, where one consumer describes her feelings on her newest piece of swimwear.

“This is wonderful! This makes my body so great again! I especially love the quadruple chin just over my lady bits and his beautiful beady eyes are lined up perfectly on my upper lady bits! Thank you so much for this. This is perfect. God Bless America,” the review read.

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Once they posted the photo of the Trump one-piece on Instagram, Beloved’s 100,000 plus followers went absolutely crazy over their newest design. Many Instagramers simply tagged their friends in the post along with the crying-face emoji, while others called the suit “terrifying” and a few referred to the swimsuit as “hilarious.” One Instagram user, in particular, decided to make an outfit out of it.

“Hey boo I found our #swimsuit to wear to the pool party Sunday #twinsies.”

But the Trump one-piece isn’t the only apparel that the company has printed with the President’s face on it; Beloved also has a few more Trump-inspired wearables in their collection. Consumers can also purchase a Trump T-shirt, a Trump tank top, a Trump sweatshirt, and even Trump shorts.

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And just in case you are interested, there are other political figures whose apparel is available for purchase on the Beloved website. These figures include Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, and even North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Would you purchase the Trump bathing suit for yourself or a friend, or do you choose to keep swimwear and politics separate?

[Featured Image by Beloved LLC/Instagram]