June 30, 2017
'Days Of Our Lives': Casey Moss Discusses JJ's Arrest, But [Spoiler] Might Be The Real Killer

Days Of Our Lives fans saw on today's episode that Lt. Raines (Aaron D. Spears) is about to arrest JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) for the murder of Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry). However, JJ might not be the real killer. In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, the actor talked about the storyline. In the same article, another character was discussed and it is teased that this person might be Deimos' real killer.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know details about what is coming next on the NBC soap opera.

While JJ is arrested and charged with killing Deimos on Days Of Our Lives, Abigail (Marci Miller) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) try to reassure the young detective. Even though his family is positive he couldn't have killed the villain, JJ isn't so sure. He still can't remember anything from the night of the party. Furthermore, when forensic evidence surfaces confirming Deimos and JJ were involved in an altercation, JJ is confident he must have killed Deimos.

"JJ can't help but think that he may have killed Deimos. He hated Deimos because he did so many wrong things to people that JJ loves."
Meanwhile, Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) is wrestling with his own guilt. Just like JJ, Sonny can't recall anything from that fateful night at Martin House. However, later in the week, he has a flashback that makes him think he might have killed Deimos. He recalls seeing a knife sticking out of Deimos' chest, making him feel guilty. He doesn't want someone else going down for the murder if they are innocent. This leads Sonny to share his memory with Paul Narita (Sean Christopher). After a conversation, Sonny and Paul decide it would be best to stay quiet for now.While trying to deal with the confusion and guilt, Sonny starts to have problems as CEO of Titan. Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) picks up on it and confronts Sonny. He tells him to step down as CEO until things are dealt with and Sonny can focus 100 percent on Titan. However, he doesn't want to step down after working so hard to get the position.

As for Lani Price (Sal Stowers), Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) will hypnotize the detective. Her goal is to find out what exactly happened the night of Deimos' murder. Lani implicated JJ, but could she be wrong? Are her memories even accurate due to the effects of Halo? It turns out that the hypnosis makes the criminal case against JJ even stronger.

In the end, Sonny will step up when it comes to Deimos' death on Days Of Our Lives. Spoilers reveal that Sonny can't allow JJ to go to prison for a crime he did not commit. However, did Sonny really kill Deimos or did he just come across his dead body?
"Sonny doesn't think it was JJ who killed Deimos. In Sonny's gut, he thinks he is the one that did it. After Sonny remembers more pieces of the puzzle, he decides to step forward and try and clear JJ."
Who do you think really killed Deimos on Days Of Our Lives?

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