February 6, 2018
'BB19' Spoilers: Secret Power Given To Houseguest

BB19 spoilers from Friday morning (June 30) include a secret power being given to a houseguest. These new Big Brother 19 spoilers come from Paul Abrahamian, who spoke directly to the cameras, thanking America for awarding him one of the temptation powers. This information comes directly from the CBS live feeds, which were turned on overnight. It has revealed a lot about what is going on inside the BB19 house and how the alliances have started taking shape.

As one of the first twists of the season, fans got to vote on which of the 16 houseguests would receive the Pendant of Protection. By accepting this secret power, the houseguest will be protected from being nominated or evicted for the next three evictions. As these Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal, Paul Abrahamian has now received some important safety, making him immune from the next three eviction ceremonies.

The good news for Paul is that he appears to be off the radar so far. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he somehow avoided getting nominated during the first week, despite Head of Household Cody Nickson stating he wanted the returning houseguest evicted right away. Additional BB19 spoilers came out overnight, which revealed Megan Lowder had decided to self-evict herself. Somehow, Paul didn't become the replacement nominee, as Cody choose to put Alex Ow on the block beside Jillian Parker.

What has not yet been revealed is what the consequence will be for Paul Abrahamian accepting the Pendant of Protection. That could lead to additional Big Brother 19 spoilers coming out on the live feeds this weekend, as every temptation twist will come with consequences this summer. An example was when Kevin Schlehuber took a $25,000 bribe on the first day, with his immediate consequence not being able to win the first HOH competition. There was also a BB19 house consequence, which allowed a 17th person to join the cast (Paul).

When it was rumored that a returning houseguest would appear this season, many fans expressed worry on social media that they would have a clear advantage in votes by America. That is clearly the case with Paul Abrahamian winning the Pendant of Protection, as he has a wide following which wants to see him remain in the BB19 house. Those fans should pay close attention to further Big Brother 19 spoilers coming out this weekend, because with that power will also come a consequence that could change how Paul approaches the game.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]