June 30, 2017
'And I Never Was A Fan: My Wife A Queen Not A Kardashian': Fake Lyric Tries To Start Kanye West War With Hov

Well, it appears there's a Twitter user that might be trying to start an outright fight between Jay Z and Kanye West. As reported by the Inquisitr, Eric Benet already clapped back at Jay Z's "Kill Jay Z" lyrics when Jay rapped about not going "Eric Benet" and losing the baddest girl in the world, Beyonce, due to alleged infidelities on the part of the husband. Eric quickly responded that Benet has the baddest wife, his current wife, who happens to be Prince's ex-wife. Perhaps that was the impetus for the creatively fake news tweet that claimed Jay Z, also known as Jay-HOVA or HOV, dissed the Kardashian family by claiming Beyonce was a queen, not a Kardashian. Namely, Kim Kardashian would be the target of that diss, if it were even true, because Jay Z's buddy, Kanye West, is married to Kim.

"'And I never was a fan.... my wife a Queen not a Kardashian' HOV IS SPAZZING."
According to New York Magazine, the origin of the fake tweet was traced to a Twitter user, who published the tweet close to midnight. The tweet is getting thousands of likes and retweets for claiming Jay was spazzing out by calling Beyonce a queen and not a Kardashian.

'And I Never Was A Fan: My Wife A Queen Not A Kardashian' - Fake Lyric Tries To Start Kanye West War With Hov
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A Twitter search for the fake lyric, "And I never was a fan.... my wife a Queen not a Kardashian," proves plenty of people are retweeting and republishing the fake Jay Z lyric that doesn't appear in any of his songs on the 4:44 album.

Performing a Google search of the site Genius by typing "my wife a queen not a Kardashian" site:genius.com into the search engine, in order to determine if any songs anywhere on Genius have the lyric "my wife a queen not a Kardashian," results in no results found by Google that prove Jay Z spit those rhymes anywhere on 4:44.

"No results found for 'my wife a queen not a Kardashian" site:genius.com.'"
Even searching for "my wife a queen" only turns up Wiz Khalifa's "Nameless" lyrics.
"My wife's a queen with diamond rings and full chinchillas."
And another "my wife a queen" search result brings us lyrics from "Chief Kamachi" by Chuck D.
"My wife a queen I ain't scared to say my lady great."
Finally, a search for "not a Kardashian" turned up Byron Henderson's "Piece By Piece (A Little Chaos)" lyrics.
"Try keeping up with your kids, not a Kardashian. Maybe learn about each family that funds banks."
[caption id="attachment_4336286" align="aligncenter" width="341"]Kanye West Beyonce, a queen, not a Kardashian?Jay Z never said that in his lyrics.[Image by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images][/caption]

Therefore, while some people realize that the "my wife a queen not a Kardashian" lyric was a bit of creative fiction, others agreed and called Beyonce a queen on social media. Still others, who believe the fake news about Jay, can't wait for Kanye to go off over the fake lyric. But there's no need because, despite the fake lyric, there's room for both Queen Beyonce and Queen Kardashian. Stan on, Kardashian and Beyonce fans, stan on.

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