June 30, 2017
'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Juliet Pregnant By Mr. Sato, Not Cane, 'Y&R' Paternity Rumor

The Young and the Restless spoilers and rumors are revving up about Juliet Helton's (Laur Allen) recent pregnancy reveal. But Y&R fans do not want Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) to be her baby daddy. New rumors indicate that there is a way that Cane is not the father, and that also explains why Juliet seems so confused by all of this. It's all back to that night in Tokyo, lots of strong sake, and a business deal that went awry.

Mr. Sato and Juliet

From past Y&R episodes, we know that Juliet saved the Brash & Sassy deal with Mr. Sato (Richard Narita). Cane showed his cultural ineptitude when he hugged Sato after they tentatively struck a deal, and then Juliet had to spend time with Sato to resurrect the B&S deal. After that, Cane and Juliet celebrated with sake, and the video showed her entering Cane's room and not leaving until the next morning, but is there more to the story?

The Young and the Restless didn't show exactly how Juliet got Sato to change his mind or what happened in Tokyo after Cane left. Did Juliet sleep with Sato to save the deal and ensure her fee from Brash & Sassy? Or did Juliet sleep with Sato later because she promised him a roll in the hay if the deal was locked down? Some think Juliet is a scammer, but she seemed genuinely shocked about the pregnancy. How could that be?

Cane and Juliet

Most Y&R fans don't want to think that Cane had sex with Juliet, but this pregnancy test seems to prove otherwise. However, that might not be the truth. Or there might have been sex, but no baby as a result. Juliet and Cane were both so drunk that all they know is they spent the night in the same bed, and both were undressed when they woke. But they might have been too drunk to do the deed, and both Cane and Juliet assume the worst.
Plus, Juliet might have thought (assuming she did have sex with Sato to save the deal) there's no way he could be her baby daddy if she had been careful and used protection. Juliet assumes she had unsafe sex with Cane and safe sex with Sato, according to this rumor, so she really thinks Cane is her baby daddy.

The Young and the Restless spoilers promise that a DNA test can sort everything out. It can show markers that the baby isn't Cane's and has paternal Japanese ethnic markers. DNA tests show lots of information nowadays. You can just watch the Ancestry DNA ads, and you'll see!

Scam or not a scam?

There have been lots of Y&R rumors that some sites are claiming are spoilers or facts. At this point, no one knows the truth except Mal Young and Sally Sussman over at CBS Daytime. However, judging from the episodes we've seen, Juliet seemed genuinely surprised about the pregnancy, and until she was fired, she wasn't pulling any stunts.

Master con woman Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) reminded Jordan Wilde (Darnell Kirkwood) that there are no red flags of a con when it comes to Juliet. The Young and the Restless spoilers do say this pregnancy news will throw Cane and Lily Ashby's (Christel Khalil) marriage into disarray.

Even if the baby isn't his, Cane's been lying for months. If it turns out that it can be proven (somehow) that Cane and Juliet never had sex, that won't matter either. Cane's lies and actions were based on his belief that he was intimate with Juliet, and that is why Lily is mad. It's not the mistake; it's the cover-up by Cane, and that won't change.

This The Young and the Restless rumor about Mr. Sato and Juliet might or might not be true, but it sure seems better than Juliet carrying Cane's baby, doesn't it? Laur Allen recently sat for an interview with The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow and addressed the controversy. Allen said co-star Jason Thompson advised her to ignore the anger from fans and "Embrace the drama."

Stick with CBS daytime for more on this unfolding plot and watch for more Y&R spoilers.

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