June 30, 2017
WWE Rumors: Two 'SmackDown Live' Stars May Have Been Unexpectedly And Suddenly Released

It appears as if some rumors are flying around about two longtime WWE superstars being released from SmackDown Live and the company, but are they true? When a superstar or tag team isn't seen on television for a while, people began to wonder and start looking around to see if they still have a job. When a T-shirt design for The Colons (Primo and Epico) shows up on Pro Wrestling Tees while they're still supposed to be WWE superstars, the rumors begin to fly.

According to Give Me Sport, the tag team formerly known as The Shining Stars may have been quietly and unexpectedly released by WWE. While WWE has not yet announced their release, it is something that may have happened and it all stems from a shirt appearing on Pro Wrestling Tees.

The shirt has a Puerto Rican flag on it and is designed for a wrestler named "Orlando Colon." That actually happens to be the real name of Epico who is supposed to still be a member of the roster of SmackDown Live and current WWE superstars won't usually have merchandise being sold by other companies.

Making things even stranger is that the description of the shirt even states "Orlando Colon is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler currently performing in WWE as Epico."

Primo and Epico have gone through a number of different gimmick changes with Los Matadores, The Shining Stars, and The Colons. They recently moved to SmackDown Live from Monday Night Raw in the Superstar Shake-Up back in April and haven't been seen much since.

When looking at the official website of WWE, they are both still listed on the roster page and there has been no announcement of their release. The Internet Wrestling Database shows that the last match either of the superstars had was in an eight-man tag match, but they weren't together.

Primo last wrestled on June 24 as he teamed with Erick Rowan and The Ascension. Epico partnered with the same team, but he did it at a WWE Live Event on June 26. Their last televised appearance was on the June 13th episode of SmackDown Live.

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[Image by WWE]

For now, The Colons are both still listed on the official WWE website even though they haven't been seen on television in quite some time. Both Primo and Epico have been performing at live events and house shows as recently as this week, but the T-shirt on Pro Wrestling Tees is just weird and not something that WWE usually allows. If the SmackDown Live stars have been released, everyone is surely keeping it quiet for some reason.

[Featured Image by WWE]