Jax Taylor And James Kennedy Friends After Last Year's Reunion?

Jax Taylor has always had an issue with James Kennedy while filming Vanderpump Rules. Jax has always struggled to keep his cool around Kennedy, especially since he was on probation for a while. Taylor kept saying he wanted to beat up James because of the random things he would say about his friends, but Brittany Cartwright kept telling him to stay calm. However, on the previous reunion special for Vanderpump Rules, Jax kept laughing at James' comments and the two were sitting next to one another. Andy Cohen guessed that a friendship was blossoming.

According to a new Instagram post, it sounds like Jax Taylor and James Kennedy are getting along just fine these days. They were hanging out together at the Big Bear Lake Village this week, possibly while on a cast trip for Vanderpump Rules. Just last year, Kennedy was on the outs with his co-stars and he didn't really talk to anyone. He was so distant that fans wondered if he would even return to Vanderpump Rules. However, it sounds like he has made peace with Jax Taylor and the two can now hang out with the same group of people.

Of course, James has worked on his friendship with Tom Sandoval. For a while, Kennedy and Tom were great friends and he often hung out with Tom and his girlfriend Ariana. They often listened to him when Jax Taylor was ready to fight him. But now it sounds like they can work together and be cordial in social circles.The gang is currently filming the next season of Vanderpump Rules and many of the co-stars have revealed that there is a lot of drama happening on this upcoming season. But one can imagine that the drama isn't between Jax Taylor and James. Instead, it sounds like some of the other friendships may be in trouble.

What do you think of Jax Taylor being friends with Kennedy? Are you surprised that these two are now getting along? Do you think Lala Kent leaving the show behind has changed the dynamics within the group?

[Feautred Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Amazon]