‘Charles Barkley Needs To Shut Up,’ Says Lebron James

Dwyane Wade scored 26 points during the Miami Heat’s victory over the Atlanta Hawks the other night and that can only mean one thing. Charles Barkley needs to shut up.

Barkley has criticized Wade recently for losing some of his athletic ability recently. Barkley says that Wade, who will turn 31 in January, doesn’t have the ability to “explode” anymore.

Barkley said:

“The toughest thing when you’re a great player or very athletic, when you can’t jump over a building anymore, you have to learn how to play … He’s starting to lose his athletic ability. He’s not the same guy. I got a look at him in person. He doesn’t explode anymore, and he’s shooting a lot of fadeaway jumpers.”

Wade may have lost a step in recent years but that doesn’t mean he’s still not an effective player on the court. After Wade’s 26 point performance against the Hawks, Wade’s teammate Lebron James said:

“It means Charles Barkley needs to shut up. I mean, the man’s shooting 80 percent from the floor in the last couple games. Come on, man. That’s like crazy, right? That’s why he is who he is. Unbelievable.”

Do you think Dwyane Wade has lost a little athletic ability? Does Charles Barkley need to shut up?