June 30, 2017
Steven Montoya, Valorie Montoya: California Murder-Suicide Probable In Lake Arrowhead Couple's Deaths

Steven and Valorie Montoya, a Lake Arrowhead, California couple was found dead in their home in what appears to be a murder-suicide. Police have yet to confirm that gun violence is involved. The Desert Independent is reporting that the Montoyas were found by the Twin Peaks police and the San Bernadino Sheriff's Department after a worried family member asked law enforcement officials to perform a welfare check.

On Wednesday, June 28, police received a phone call from a concerned relative, stating they were unable to get in touch with their family members. At around 3:30 p.m., detectives arrived at a home in the 900 block of Hospital Road in Lake Arrowhead, where they found two deceased adults. The decedents were identified as Steven Montoya, 57, and Valorie Montoya, 58.

At this time, San Bernadino detectives have not revealed the victims' cause of death, but police do not believe a third party was involved. They are classifying this death case as a probable murder-suicide.

In many murder-suicide cases, gun violence is involved. A comprehensive study conducted in 2014 showed that around 1,200 Americans die each year as a result of murder-suicides.

Murder-suicides occur mostly between intimate partners. Women are often the targeted victims. These types of deaths, which usually follow an argument, domestic fight, or a stress-related problem, often leave grieving relatives scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Another murder-suicide case made headlines earlier this week. Xor Xiong and Mau Lee Vue, an Asian couple, were found dead in their Rio Linda home. Authorities said that Xor Xiong shot and killed his wife, Mau Lee Vue, before turning the gun on himself.

Public records show a Valorie Montoya residing at 945 Hospital Road in Lake Arrowhead, which is found here. Records also indicate that Steven Joseph Montoya ran a business out of his home and is a registered security alarms agent for Kogent Security & Alarm. However, there is no confirmation the address listed is the same location where the crime occurred.

Lake Arrowhead is among several other communities located in the San Bernardino Mountains and the San Bernardino National Forest, which is located about 20 minutes from San Bernadino.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call (909) 387-3589. Please check back as we add more details to the Steven and Valorie Montoya story.

[Featured Image by Brian S./Shutterstock]