Christmas Gangnam Style: A Celebration In Lights [Video]

James Johnson

El Paso, IL - It has become nearly impossible to escape Psy's "Gangnam Style" in 2012, and Christmastime is no different. From Christmas parodies to holiday cards being sent out via email, "Gangnam Style" seems to be there every single time we turn around.

In at least one case, the "Gangnam Style" song has managed to make its way into an interactive Christmas lights display.

Located in El Paso, Illinois, the display was spotted at Parenting Patch and was created by the Joslyn Family at 301 East Front Street.

The Christmas light show features more than 25,000 lights that surround the family's house and garage. The highlight of the display is definitely the giant mega tree display, which requires its own control unit.

The family has also included various unique features such as arched lighting that displays different color patterns, a Santa sleigh with light up reins, and much more.

If you have ever thought about creating a Christmas light show for your own home, you might want to consider just how out of control the mess of wires and programming can become. Here is a picture of the mega tree's control unit. For technophobes, this photo alone will probably deter your own efforts:

Christmas Light Display Support

The process of creating an entire light display is so heavily involved that the Josyln Family says it took them all year long to create the display.

Here's Christmas "Gangnam Style":

[iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="400" height="300"]

Be sure to check out the family's other traditional song choices with light shows at