Independence Day Anthem: JP Vance Records 'This Is America,' Calls For Unity In These Troubled Times

As Independence Day approaches, we as Americans are often called upon to go above and beyond our call of duty and unite with our fellow Americans, even if we disagree with what they believe in or how they vote. However, we can all agree that in these troubled times, it's almost impossible to unite with our fellow brothers and sisters, because the rhetoric has become so ugly.

That isn't going to stop JP Vance from recording an Independence Day anthem called "This is America," though.

In a press release announcing the release of this "controversial" Independence Day anthem, JP Vance said that he hopes that this is the beginning of the country coming together, no matter their ideological differences.

""I hope my song can bring everyone together," said JP Vance. "I want to start a revolution of appreciation for our country. America is the greatest country in the world and if we can focus on that and be united we can do anything."

The song, which is being distributed on MondoTunes, also has an accompanying video that further calls for the unity of all Americans, despite their differences. Vance, who was raised in Beijing, was discovered by Bobby Taylor, who was instrumental in mentoring the Jackson 5.

Check out the video below.

In terms of Independence Day anthems, this song is definitely catchy. In fact, there's so much faith in JP Vance that he's backed by none other than controversial billionaire Alki David (it's his name that's on the Vimeo video link).

David, who is now the owner of Hologram USA -- which was responsible for the so-called "Tupac Hologram" at Coachella -- has full faith that his new protege is exactly what Americans are asking for, both on Independence Day and every other day.

Hologram USA Networks is an interrelated group of digital media companies that creates hologram, VR, 360 and music content and distributes it through live venues and its global premium streaming network FilmOn, its cable channel FOTV and its digital distributors OVGuide and CinemaNow. Mondotunes, which is part-owned by Hologram USA, is the largest independent digital music distributor of its kind with access to over 700 stores worldwide including China. In addition to the infamous "Tupac Hologram," Hologram USA owns the same patented technology that put out holograms of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jenni Rivera and Juan Gabriel.

"JP is an extraordinarily talented singer, with an earnest message we all need to hear," said Alki David, CEO of Hologram USA. "He's perfectly poised to achieve the same stardom in the U.S. that he's achieved in China."

And, no matter what side of the political coin you're on, this Independence Day message is one we can all agree to get behind.

[Featured Image by Hologram USA]