Tom Brady Makes His Case For MVP With Decisive Win Over Texans

Tom Brady Makes His Case For MVP With Decisive Win Over Texans

Tom Brady reminded football fans on Monday Night Football that in a year of emerging rookie quarterbacks, the signal caller from New England is still on top.

Brady threw for 296 yards and had four touchdowns in leading the Patriots to a decisive 42-14 victory over the Houston Texans. At 11-1, the Texans were looking to cement their supremacy in the AFC by beating the Patriots in Foxboro, but Brady proved that New England remains the team to beat.

At 10-3, the Patriots are now within striking distance of taking the top-seed from the 11-2 Texans.

The matchup was a mismatch from the very start, ESPN noted. New England began tearing through the vaunted Texans defense on the very first possession.

“It’s a Monday night game,” Brady said. “We have played in a lot of big games in December.”

For Tom Brady, who just this week became a father again after wife Gisele Bundchen gave birth to a daughter, Vivian Lake, it was a total team win.

“It needs to come together now, this is the perfect time for it,” added Brady.

Brady said the win was a great way to end the week, but the win has the Patriots looking ahead. After stumbling to a 3-3 start, the team has reeled off seven consecutive wins.

The win, and his strong performance in a season where the Patriots are averaging close to 36 points a game, has Tom Brady strongly in MVP consideration. As the Washington Post notes, Brady has the stats (3,833 yards, 29 TDs, four INTs) worthy of a strong place in the MVP race, and his team’s continued presence at the top of the AFC also helps.