Jenelle Evans Accused Of Blowing Money On Makeup Lessons

Jenelle Evans has become a famous and successful reality star because of her role on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. Jenelle has shared her life with fans for years and they are hoping that she will get custody of her son before the show wraps up. Since Evans has shared so much of her life, fans often ask her questions. This can include everything from clothing to food. And this week, one person wanted to know about her makeup process. And while Jenelle had no problem dishing out her secrets, one follower accused her of blowing her money on expensive makeup tutorials.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now being accused of spending her money on makeup tips from a makeup artist. The person accused her in such a way that it sounds like she almost did spend lots of money on makeup tutorials. However, Jenelle had a clear answer as to how she has learned how to do her makeup and her answer reveals one thing; she didn’t spend any money on learning. Evans used a free resource that anyone can use to master her makeup skills and she has no problem talking about it on Twitter.

It’s very interesting that Jenelle Evans has learned how to do her own makeup using YouTube. Of course, there are many tutorials online and it makes sense that she mastered her makeup skills by just looking online. Many others have learned their makeup skills the same way.

One can imagine that Evans doesn’t get up every morning and does her makeup. As she has revealed on social media, she’s up early every morning with her daughter Ensley and it sounds like she doesn’t mind one bit. These days, Jenelle isn’t working so she’s just enjoying life as a stay-at-home mother.

David Eason is supposedly working, but Jenelle hasn’t revealed where he works, possibly as a way to protect his privacy.

What do you think of people accusing her of blowing her money on makeup tutorials? Are you surprised she has learned so much from watching YouTube, given it is a free resource that anyone can use?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]