June 30, 2017
WWE News: Bobby Roode Vs. John Cena Happening At 'WrestleMania 34?'

Last year, the feud between John Cena and AJ Styles was a dream come true. Wrestling fans always wanted to see "The Champ" and "The Phenomenal One" cross paths inside the square circle, so watching them have several great matches was a treat. The great thing about NXT bringing in veterans from outside WWE is the fans can finally see some of the dream matches that have been anticipated and debated for several years.

Currently, Bobby Roode rules NXT with a golden fist. He is the current NXT Champion and has taken over the brand since his debut, but it's only a matter of time before he's moved to Raw or SmackDown Live. On paper, there are many matches the WWE Universe would like to see. Recently, Roode did an interview with the "Card Subject to Change Podcast" and revealed one of his dream matches he'd like to have in WWE.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Bobby Roode selected John Cena as his dance partner. Anyone who is anyone is most likely going to choose Cena, but there is something special about a potential feud between Cena and Roode inside a WWE ring. Just like AJ Styles, Roode was loyal to TNA Wrestling for well over a decade. The meeting of Cena and Roode would be very similar to the Cena vs. Styles feud we saw last year on WWE TV.

Bobby Roode Will Defend the NXT Championship Against Drew McIntyre Next
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The most interesting part of Roode's interest in the match with John Cena is he specifically mentioned that his desire to do it at WrestleMania. Obviously, most dream matches would happen on the grandest stage of them all, but Cena vs. Roode is a situation fit for that stage. On paper, Cena vs. Roode is a rivalry that would involve the WWE Title. There are a lot of rumored plans, but could their match happen in New Orleans?

John Cena Could Be Headed to Raw Soon
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Before their match can happen on any stage, Roode will have to be moved from NXT to the main roster. His debut on Raw or SmackDown Live is only a matter of time, but that time may be coming soon. It's likely he will continue his run in NXT through the rest of the year, but Roode's reign atop the brand could end before WrestleMania next year. Considering his momentum in NXT, he'll have a huge impact on WWE television.

There is a lot of unwritten history between John Cena and Bobby Roode. They would have a very strong face and heel dynamic, the matches would be great, and the WWE Universe would be able to scratch another big dream match of their bucket list. It seems that Cena vs. Roode is an imminent feud, but it could happen on WWE's biggest stage next year in New Orleans, which is extremely exciting for wrestling fans.

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