June 30, 2017
'BB19': Paul Abrahamian's Former Housemates Say Your Boy Will Have A Rough Ride Without His Ride-Or-Die

Paul Abrahamian has already caused a ruckus in the Big Brother house, and some fans think his return to the show could be short-lived due to the massive target he already has on his back. Last summer's Big Brother runner-up descended upon the BB19 house, handed out friendship bracelets to eight of the original 16 houseguests, and had a hand in sending another player packing 12 hours into the game. Paul took the spot of original houseguest Cameron Heard in the show's first ever "houseguest swap" twist.

Now, Big Brother veterans say Paul is on shaky ground as he attempts to repeat history and make it to finale night in September. In an interview with TV Guide, Paul's BB18 ride-or-die, Victor Arroyo admitted his Big Brother bestie will have a rough ride this time around in the CBS summertime house.

"I don't know how he's going to pull this out," Victor said of Paul. "He won't have me there as a big ol' target, as his shield."

Victor acknowledged that Paul is "really good at his social game," and that some of the houseguests might trust him because they saw that he was loyal to him last season. But he stopped short of saying Abrahamian will make it to the end of the Big Brother game.

"I think he'll do OK, but I know he has a target on his back right now," Arroyo said.

Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel, who knows firsthand about returning to the game for a second shot, said Abrahamian needs to "stir crap up" and make other people in the house look like the enemy. She also said Paul needs to learn to apologize more because his abrasive attitude may have cost him the $500,000 Big Brother grand prize last season. Franzel predicted that Paul Abrahamian "will make it to Final 4, but it will be tough" for him.

Paul Abrahamian entered the Big Brother house as the lone veteran in a cast of newbies. Not only is Paul without his ride-or-die Victor, but he doesn't even have Pablo the inflatable duck floatie that he wore last season as a security net. While there are rumors that Paul has a previous friendship with fellow Big Brother castmate Raven Walton (the two were photographed together after a Reviver show in Arkansas before landing together in the Big Brother house), it is more likely that she was just a superfan asking for a fan photo.

It seems that Abrahamian is a lone sitting duck this season. And unfortunately, the one person that wanted to be Paul's ride-or-die was already sent packing. In an interview with Parade, ousted Big Brother houseguest Cameron Heard said he wanted to work with a Big Brother veteran who turned up in the house because he knew they would have a bigger target on their back than he did.

"I wanted to work with Paul," Cameron said. "I wanted to be his Victor in the house. I actually wanted to work with any vet that came through the door because it would have been beneficial for me. There would always be a bigger target."

Heard predicted that Abrahamian will repeat his strategy from last summer and could make it far in the Big Brother 19 game.

"I think Paul is going to do exactly what he did last season — find that one ally and ride it out till the end." Heard told Us Weekly.

"Some thought he already had his chance but most people were excited to see him. I could see Paul aligning with the bros, someone being a competition beast. I expect history to repeat itself."
As for past Big Brother veterans, reaction is mixed to Paul Abrahamian's return to the game. While most BB vets agree they like Paul and his gameplay, a few, like past Big Brother champs Andy Herren and "Evel" Dick Donato took to social media to say they don't like returning houseguest twists. But Paul Abrahamian's Big Brother 18 housemates are rooting for him.
Take a look at the video below for more on Paul Abrahamian's return to the Big Brother house.
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