June 30, 2017
'Hawaii Five-0' Season 8 Spoilers: Will Steve McGarrett Die? Showrunner Addresses Questions On Show

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 is keeping a lot of fans and viewers worried over the fate of several characters, including Steve McGarrett following Alex O'Loughlin's statement that he is planning to leave H50 next season. Showrunner Peter Lenkov addresses questions and uncertainties surrounding the CBS drama. Will McGarrett die?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 spoilers reveal that Steve McGarrett will live on despite speculations that his character will die in order to pave the way for Alex O'Loughlin's planned exit from the CBS drama. Per Carter Matt, executive producer Peter Lenkov addressed a fan's question on Twitter regarding the fate of McGarrett next season.

The showrunner's answer on whether or not McGarrett will die on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 was short, but it was enough to put a lot of viewers at ease: "Not true." Fans couldn't help but worry over the fate of McGarrett's life, especially after the revelation on the Season 7 finale of the CBS series.

As seen on H50 Season 7 finale, McGarrett told Danny that he is suffering from a serious illness due to radiation poisoning that will have grave consequences in the coming years. Many fans thought that this was the CBS drama's exit plan for McGarrett in case O'Loughlin stays firm with his decision to leave Hawaii Five-0 after Season 8.

Alex O'Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Scott Caan pose for the cameras
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While fans can let out a sigh of relief knowing that McGarrett will live for the rest of Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, Lenkov's response does not necessarily mean that O'Loughlin is not leaving the CBS drama. The publication notes that the actor may stick to his word and leave H50 after eight seasons.


In earlier interviews, O'Loughlin said that he has decided to leave Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 because he sustained injuries while filming stunts for the show. This raised a lot of questions surrounding the fate of the show should O'Loughlin leave the drama, especially because the actor plays the lead role in the series.

Several fans expressed that Hawaii Five-0 should end with Season 8 if O'Loughlin leaves the show; however, nothing is still certain, as the actor may still change his mind and stay on the show's forthcoming seasons. After all, H50 remains as one of the most watched shows on CBS and it would be a waste to see the series end after eight seasons.

Do you think Alex O'Loughlin will leave Hawaii Five-0 Season 8?

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