'RHOA': Kenya Moore Reportedly Fired From 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Over Secret Wedding

Kenya Moore has reportedly been fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. A new report claims that sources close to the production said that Kenya was fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) because of her secret wedding to businessman Marc Daly earlier in the month.

Kenya, 46, married Marc Daly, a Brooklyn-based restaurateur, in a secret ceremony after a tumultuous relationship with Matt Jordan during the last season of RHOA.

Her secret wedding ceremony shocked RHOA fans because no one knew about it until after it had happened.

The wedding ceremony was romantic, but because of the secrecy Bravo did not know about it until it was over.

Bravo reportedly found the situation unacceptable because the network felt that after having signed on for a reality TV show as a reality star, Kenya should have allowed Bravo to have broadcast access to significant events in her life that the show could use to score ratings. Bravo missed out on an opportunity for major ratings when Kenya decided to keep the network in the dark about her wedding.

Bravo was reportedly miffed about Kenya's action.

According to Radar Online, a network insider has revealed that Kenya Moore was fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta over the issue of her secret wedding.

"The network isn't happy with the recent series of events involving her wedding. They feel that it put the authenticity of the series in jeopardy."
The source also told Radar Online that in a bid to placate the network, Kenya offered to have another wedding ceremony next summer, this time for the cameras.

While some fans have raised questions whether firing Kenya was fair, everyone agrees that her suggestion to have another wedding ceremony next summer would not help the situation because a reality TV show sustains its appeal by fostering an impression of reality. Thus, any action that appears contrived would not appeal to the audience.

Based on that reasoning, Moore's suggestion was rejected by the network.

"She's attempted to smooth things over by offering to have another ceremony next summer for the cameras, but that plan hasn't been well received either."
"Kenya has no other storyline in place for the season," the source claimed.

The source also alleged that Kenya's co-stars have begun filming without her.

Fans of the show have been debating the fairness of firing Kenya over her private wedding ceremony. Some fans insisted that firing her was unfair, saying that if Radar Online's report is true then Bravo overreacted to an incident that could have been resolved amicably.

However, others insisted that Kenya deserved to be fired because she must have understood when she signed on to the reality TV show that fulfilling her role as a reality TV star would involve allowing the network to have access to significant events of her private life. Her critics insisted that she went too far when she had a private wedding ceremony without first informing the network and working things out with the producers before proceeding.

Some fans, however, argued that the report that she was fired because of her private wedding could be mistaken because it is possible that she was fired for other reasons.

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