June 30, 2017
Jana Duggar Might Be Keeping Her Boyfriend A Secret, Joy-Anna Drops A Hint

Jana Duggar's love life is in the spotlight again as her younger sisters got married and one of his brothers is engaged. Joy-Anna, who got a reputation for not being able to keep a secret, dropped a hint about Jana's courting status. Could she be hiding a boyfriend?

Being the eldest Duggar daughter, fans have been waiting to hear that finally, Jana is courting. But several of her younger siblings have already tied the knot while she, at age 27, remains single. In the recent episode of Counting On, she was asked by a showrunner if she has a boyfriend already, to which she responded smiling, "No."

Joy-Anna, who just got married at age 19, chimed in and said, "Like she would tell you if she did, anyhow."

Followers of the Duggar family know that Joy is not one who's good at keeping secrets. Their sister Jessa gave birth last February, but the gender was kept secret. However, Joy admitted that she told her then-boyfriend, Austin Forsyth, about it. With that, Joy's comment about Jana's courtship status could be taken as a hint that there's some progress, per CafeMom.

Jana's courting has been a subject of rumors and speculations. She's been linked to a couple of men, including NFL star Tim Tebow, family friend Jonathan Hartono, and Lawson and Zach Bates of Bringing Up Bates. None of them turned out to be true, unfortunately.

This is not the first time that she's been asked about her courtship. In the previous season of Counting On, she shared that she is not rushing into getting married. She doesn't want to get married to the first one to come along. There were some guys who came along and asked to court her, but she said they are not the right ones, according to Yahoo News. Furthermore, there were rumors that Jana, who has been named the "Cinderella Duggar," could not focus on her own love life because her parents, Michelle and Jim Bob, gave her so many responsibilities at home, particularly taking care of her younger siblings.
Jana might just want to keep her relationship private for all we know. But whether she's hiding a boyfriend or not, fans just want her to find love.
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