'Fairy Tail' Chapter 542: Fairy Sphere Is Just A Defensive Magic, How Will Acnologia Be Defeated By It?

In Fairy Tail Chapter 542, the mages back in Magnolia will have the daunting task of putting Lucy's Fairy Sphere trap for the physical Acnologia in motion while Natsu's team of Dragon Slayers inside the Ravines of Time will have an equally hard time battling with his spiritual body. With only five chapters remaining for the hit manga by Hiro Mashima, fans can expect more action next installment as the final and most epic battle progresses.

Dragon King Unleashes His Fearsome Power

A battle between the deadliest dragon and the seven dragon slayers already started in Fairy Tail Chapter 541, which may be read online in Manga Stream. With all seven Dragon Slayers breaking free from the crystal pillars that encased them, the team's morale ran high as they geared up to perform the job they have been training for their entire lives -- to slay an actual dragon.

But it will not be a walk in the park. In fact, even with Wendy's enchantment magic augmenting everyone's power, the team is about to realize how seemingly hopeless it is to go up against the Dragon King Acnologia in Fairy Tail Chapter 542. In the previous chapter, all their attacks were effortlessly thwarted by the Black Dragon. They are starting to realize that the difference in power is just too great that some of them are starting to doubt if they can take out the Black Dragon.

Will Fairy Sphere Work?

Meanwhile, Lucy came up with their own solution on how to deal with the Acnologia's physical body before it destroys the entire world. In the coming Fairy Tail 542, everyone will be busy setting up to trap Acnologia with Mavis' technique, the Fairy Sphere. But time is running out. Will Lucy find Mavis' book which contains the method on how to cast the spell?

Meanwhile, it is still uncertain how effective Fairy Sphere will be in actually defeating Acnologia. While it has been proven effective as a barrier against the Black Dragon during their first encounter in Tenrou Island, it is basically just a defensive spell and may be viewed as a time-limited trap. Used as such, the best that the spell can do is buy them some time.

This means that Acnologia has to be defeated by some other means in Fairy Tail Chapter 542. One possibility, which has been pointed out in a previous Inquisitr report, is that there could be a connection between the two bodies of Acnologia. Of course, for this to happen, Natsu's team of Dragon Slayers needs to defeat his spiritual body back in the Ravines of Time first.

Another way for Acnologia to be ultimately crushed is if Natsu and the rest of the Dragon Slayers will manage to come back from the Ravines of Time in Fairy Tail Chapter 542 or later chapters. Since magic has no effect on the Black Dragon, the only way to kill him is to attack him with a sword enchanted with Dragon Slayer magic as revealed by Erza.

Fairy Tail Chapter 542 is expected to come out sometime next week. Stay tuned.

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