June 30, 2017
Discovery Channel Is Giving Fans A Way To Reach The Brown Family Of 'Alaskan Bush People'

Alaskan Bush People fans have been posting well wishes on social media for the Brown family. Now, Discovery Channel is making sure the family will get them. They have set up a page on their website specifically for that reason.

With the announcement of Ami Brown's health crisis, that has now been confirmed as late stage lung cancer, fans of Alaskan Bush People were shocked and concerned. The show is now in its seventh season. Once a week, fans have invited the family into their homes by tuning in to see the latest antics of the Browns in Browntown. Having watched them for so long, it is next to impossible not to begin to care about them like you would any other friend. Ami Brown won over viewers with her strength and being the voice of reason. It was always obvious that she was the strong one that held them all together, no matter how hard the battle they faced. Now, she is the one that is fighting the battle with her family by her side.

Discovery Channel has dedicated a page for the fans of Alaskan Bush People to send messages, letters, or pictures to the Brown family. The user signs in and can either upload a photo or type in a note. The information on the page says they will print them all off and give them to the Brown family. Some contributors to the page will be answered by the Browns, but all will have to sign to release their submission to the Discovery Channel. They further instruct users to follow them on Facebook in order to watch for postings from one of the Alaskan Bush People stars.

To send the Brown family a message, simply log on to www.discovery.com/letterstothebrowns. Some of the posts to the family are wonderful words of encouragement. Ami and her family will be very uplifted to see how many people care about them, and are supportive of them right now.

Will you be using the new page by Discovery Channel to send the Brown family a message? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]