June 30, 2017
'Big Brother 19' Live Feed Spoilers: A Houseguest Self-Evicts, Replacement Nominee Named, & Tensions Are High

Big Brother 19 kicked off two days ago, but already the cast is proving that they will give the fans a great season. The live feeds were officially turned on at 12:00 am on Friday, June 29 and the feedsters learns a huge shocker: Megan Lowder self-evicted after a huge blow up with Josh Martinez!

According to Big Brother Network, the reason Megan decided to self-evict from Big Brother is a little fuzzy. Raven Walton revealed in a conversation with Christmas Abbott that Megan got caught up in her lies and had no way of surviving another week in the house. Apparently, they caught her eavesdropping on people, instead of talking to people and building friendships.

Not only did Megan leave the game, but apparently, Josh threatened to self-evict as well. It sounded like they both got into a heated confrontation and it resulted in them both wanting to call it quits. After a pow-wow, production talked Josh into staying, but for a while, it looked like both Josh and Megan was going to walk.

Of course, it is possible that after she had left the Big Brother house, CBS decided to give her a good edit for whatever reason. All Big Brother 19 fans know is Megan left and it has something to do with being caught in "a bunch of lies."

Now, with Megan gone, that meant Jillian Parker was flying solo on the chopping block. So, Cody Nickson, current head of household, had to name a replacement nominee: Alex Ow confirmed that she was put on the block with Jillian.

According to Big Brother Gossip, tensions are pretty high right now with Megan leaving the Big Brother house and Josh getting on everyone's nerves. At one point, Paul Abrahamian said that he isn't sure how much more of Josh's meltdowns he can take before he snaps on him.

Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers tease that if Jillian doesn't leave during Week 2, it will ruin Dominique Cooper's game. Well, that's the story Dominique told Mark Jansen. She believes that if Jillian doesn't go home, it could put her a tight spot and she will have to rework her whole Big Brother strategy. Of course, Mark discloses that he feels confident that Jillian will be the one sent home.

Big Brother 19 fans, are you surprised that Megan self-evicted? Do you think BB19 will bring in a new player to take her place?

Big Brother airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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