Snoop Lion Fights Santa On ‘Epic Rap Battles Of History’ [Video]

Snoop Lion took a brief blunt smoking break this week to put on a Moses costume and fight Santa for an episode of Epic Rap Battles of History.

The web series, which pits two famous characters against each other in a rap battle, became a big hit during its first season. The series typically uses actors to play the rapping historical figures but they managed to grab Snoop Lion for the debut of their second season.

The creators of the series, Nice Peter, and EpicLLOYD, said:

“We want to take a second and send out a huge thank you to our special guest Snoop Lion. We’ve been fans for years and it was pretty amazing to get the chance to work with one of our heroes. Thanks again to the whole Snoop camp!

Snoop Lion, previously known as Snoop Dogg, plays Moses during his episode of Epic Rap Battles of History.

Here are some of Snoop’s best lines.

  1. So much drama in the Israe-L B.C. It’s kinda hard talking directly to the G O single D.
  2. Hand me my chisel I got a new comandizzle.
  3. I’ll beat you ten times before the bread can rise you dummy, then walk off into the land of milk and honies.

Here’s Snoop Lion’s epic rap battle against Santa.

So, who won? Snoop Lion or Santa?