June 30, 2017
Ally Hilfiger Married In 'Bohemian-Gypsy' Gown And Cape Designed By Her Father, Tommy Hilfiger

Ally Hilfiger married her partner of six years, Steve Hash, in a wedding dress designed by her father, Tommy Hilfiger. Ally went to her dad to create the perfect dress for her big day, according to People. Ally, 32, and new husband, Steve, had been dating for six years and tied the knot over the weekend with their daughter, Harley, at their side.

Ally and Steve decided to have their wedding on the Caribbean island Mustique, which is a part of the Grenadines, a chain of islands in the West Indies. Close family and friends witnessed the couple exchange vows in the small ceremony.

In September of 2016, Hilfiger revealed to Hello magazine that she was hoping to create a bohemian dress to suit her "gypsy chick" nature. With Ally's look in mind, Tommy Hilfiger opted to keep the V-neck, white silk slip gown simple. The drama was added by a sheer, hooded cape with white floral embroidery that was stitched in royal blue along the hem. Ally's new husband, Hash, opted for the same simplicity in an all white, slim cut, linen suit. The happy couple's daughter, Harley, served as flower girl in a little white gown that matched the embroidery on her mom's wedding dress.

Ally said working on the gown was a special project for the duo. Ally said her dad has a great eye and knows what looks good on a woman. Ally said she had a clear vision of what she wanted in a dress, so that combo made for a gorgeous dress.

Tommy Hilfiger shared shots of the ceremony and her gorgeous gown that he designed on his social media account. The designer shared a shot of the moment he walked his daughter down the beach turned aisle, writing, "So happy for my daughter Ally's wedding to Steve Hash." Hilfiger's wife, Dee Ocleppo, shared the same moment on her own account and said her husband was a very proud dad to a glowing bride.

Last July, while on a romantic trip in Paris, Hash proposed to Ally with a ring that he custom designed. When Steve Hash proposed, Ally said she was surprised and overwhelmed, "I was so surprised and overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. We are having fun planning a lovely wedding at our family's home in Connecticut."

Ally and husband, Steve Nash, have yet to post a photo from their casual chic wedding. However, Ally posted a photo of herself with her fiancé prior to the ceremony, with the caption, "Nothing like marrying your best friend and soul mate… I am so excited!!!!!!!"

Ally Hilfiger wedding dress bohemian chic
Ally Hilfiger and Tommy Hilfiger collaborated to create a bohemian chic wedding dress and cape for Ally's island wedding. [Image by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]

Ally's dad, Tommy Hilfiger, shared shots of the ceremony and her gorgeous gown custom that he designed on his social media account. Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood played guitar for the happy couple's wedding procession. Wood had surgery on a lung lesion just last month.

Tommy Hilfiger's wife Dee Ocleppo wore a white ruffled, one-shoulder top and high-waisted skirt. Tommy wore a tan linen suit with a white Panama hat. Dee's children Julian and Alex were also at the wedding. Ally's model sister, Audrey, and designer sister, Elizabeth, the groom's friend and collaborator, Skrillex, were also there to witness the nuptials.

During all the festivities, Ally Hilfiger and Steve Hash's wedding guests made time lots of dancing and beach selfies.

Ally, who starred in the MTV reality show Rich Kids as a teen, has had a well-documented battle with Lyme disease since being bitten by a tick when she was seven-years-old. It took 11 years of ill health and psychological issues before the cause of her problems was diagnosed. It was during which time she was even committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Ally went through 12 doctors until she learned she was suffering from the tick-borne illness. She battled with constant pain in her knees, trouble concentrating, and emotional insecurity throughout the years. In addition to this, Hilfiger also endured constant bouts of strep throat. According to the National Institute of Health, Lyme disease can affect the central nervous system causing neurologic and psychiatric symptoms.

Ally Hilfiger wrote the book, Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy, and Almost Killed Me and revealed, "I was convinced that bugs were crawling in my body. I could feel them eating at my organs, my stomach and especially my brain... I wasn't me anymore. I was a weakly projected image of myself on a wall, crying out for someone to help me and figure out what was wrong."

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