February 6, 2018
'BB19' Recap: Spoilers From June 29 Episode, First Head Of Household Crowned, Week 1 Nominations Revealed

The June 29 Big Brother 19 recap comes from the Thursday night episode. This BB19 recap focuses primarily on the first Head of Household competition for the summer, and the fallout from the Eviction Ceremony that took place on the June 28 episode. Most of the footage used in this one-hour installment was pre-taped by producers far in advance of what viewers got to see tonight. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Thursday, June 29, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there were a few Big Brother 19 spoilers from Wednesday night that have shaken up the BB19 cast. Cameron Heard was the first new houseguest to get evicted, as he fell victim to one of the new temptation twists. Fellow houseguest Kevin Schlehuber pressed a button to win a $25,000 prize, but in doing so allowed a 17th houseguest to enter the game (Paul Abrahamian). That forced the house to participate in a competition and then to evict one of the first 16 people. Listed below are the remaining houseguests.

Big Brother 19 Cast List

Josh MartinezMegan LowderCody NicksonJillian ParkerMatthew ClinesJessica GrafRaven WaltonPaul AbrahamianChristmas AbbottJason DentAlex OwKevin SchlehuberDominique CooperMark JansenElena DaviesRamses Soto

Tracking back to the June 29 Big Brother 19 recap, the episode opened with Christmas Abbott and Megan Lowder trying to figure out how the votes of the first Eviction Ceremony were split up. Three people had been on the block, with Cameron Heard receiving eight votes (Alex, Dominique, Elena, Jessica, Kevin, Megan, Ramses, and Raven), Megan receiving three votes (Cody, Mark, and Matt), and Christmas receiving two votes (Jason and Josh). The women also began worrying about an all-guys alliance that seemed to be forming inside the BB19 house.

After a lot of scrambling among houseguests to figure out where they stood in the BB19 house, the doorbell rang again. In walks Nicole Franzel, who was the Big Brother 18 winner. The shocked expression on the face of Paul Abrahamian was worth the price of admission, as he appeared torn between having a heart attack and taking an ax to the house. It turned out that Nicole was just there to host the first Head of Household Competition. To compete in the challenge, the houseguests were split up into four teams of four.

Blue Team: Mark Jansen, Megan Lowder, Paul Abrahamian, and RavenWaltonOrange Team: Alex Ow, Christmas Abbott, Jason Dent, and Ramses SotoPink Team: Cody Nickson, Dominique Cooper, Jessica Graf, and Matthew ClinesYellow Team: Elena Davies, Jillian Parker, Josh Martinez, and Kevin Schlehuber

As has been mentioned in numerous Big Brother 19 spoilers, the first HOH Competition also came with a temptation. Any of the 16 houseguests could grab a golden apple and claim safety, but the rest of their team would be eliminated. Josh grabbed the apple, eliminating Elena, Jillian, and Kevin in the process. Kevin was going to have to lose the HOH Competition on purpose after accepting the first temptation of the season, so Josh helped him out here, but he threw a fit that may turn other houseguests against him.

The orange team was also eliminated in the first round (Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Ramses), leaving the other two teams to decide who would take over the power in the BB19 house. In the final round, each team chose a representative to compete for the HOH, with Paul playing against Cody. The first HOH of Big Brother 19 is Cody Nickson, confirming more BB19 rumors that had been on social media. From there Cody had to come up with his nominations for eviction.

Before the nominations were revealed, it was time for some drama in the BB19 house. First, Josh got into it with Megan, making some pretty rude comments to her. It was a continuation of a verbal fight they had during the HOH Competition when he threw it for the cash prize. They may have worked it out, as that was what was shown by CBS, but the live feed spoilers from later tonight should give a more specific look at that relationship. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a lot of information was held back from the two-night premiere.

In other news, Cody was displeased with Paul and his energy in the house, possibly making them enemies. Mark and Cody discussed backdooring Paul, but Mark was a big fan, and stated that in a Diary Room session after the conversation with Cody. At the Nomination Ceremony, it was revealed that Cody Nickson had placed Megan Lowder and Jillian Parker on the block. Cody stated that he "didn't like" Megan in his speech and that Jillian was on the block next to her because of their friendship.

That brings an end to the June 29 Big Brother 19 recap, with the next episode set to air on Sunday, July 2.

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