June 29, 2017
The Weeknd Reportedly Happy Bella Hadid, Drake 'Romance' Ended: Avoids Awkward Run-In With Ex-Girlfriend

The Weeknd is happy to know that the relationship his friend, Drake, had formed with Bella Hadid didn't work out as planned, a source reveals.

According to Hollywood Life, the Canadian rapper had gotten very close to The Weeknd's ex-girlfriend, whom he had been with for two years until their untimely decision to part ways from one another in November 2016.

While The Weeknd wants Bella to be happy now that they are no longer an item, sources say that the R&B singer would have hated to see the model get close to someone he considers a brother to him.

Drake and the "Secrets" singer have formed a friendship that is unbreakable, but with Hadid in the picture, it could potentially have led to arguments and drama that the pop star simply didn't want to deal with — especially now that he's said to be happier than ever before.

Bella and Drake had been spotted wining and dining in West Hollywood just over a week ago, and from what sources gathered, it was definitely looking as if the twosome were dating, but a source tells Hollywood Life that it ended up being nothing more than a get-together.

While it's unclear why Hadid and Drake didn't work out, it's said that the duo will continue to remain good friends and support one another with their career, as they have before.

The Weeknd hearing this reportedly made him "so happy," a source gushes.

Again, while Drake would have been Hadid's first boyfriend since splitting from The Weeknd, the "Starboy" hitmaker would have found it hard to stay as close as he has with Drizzy knowing that his ex-girlfriend is now dating him. It would have been awkward, to say the least.
"Drake is one of Abel's closest friends. They hang out all the time, so it would just be weird if he was with Bella."
While The Weeknd has been touring all over the world, the 30-year-old "One Dance" star has been supporting his pal on some shows, making it known that he's willing to travel the world to show his love for someone Drizzy considers a brother.
Bella has remained silent about rumors that her almost-there romance with The Weeknd's friend fell flat. Instead, she's focused her mind on continuing to build a fashion brand of her own, having worked with plenty of high-end designers in recent months.

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