June 29, 2017
'Love & Hip Hop': Rasheeda Allegedly Knew About Kirk Frost's Love Child Prior To 'LHHATL' Taping

Rasheeda reportedly knew about her husband's love child before shooting scenes for the current series of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, it has been reported.

The former rapper, who now credits herself as a fashion mogul and TV personality, was said to have been informed by her partner of almost twenty years, Kirk Frost, that he had unprotected sex with a stripper named Jasmine Washington.

According to Sandra Rose, a huge argument erupted between the couple that almost gave family members the impression the twosome were heading for a divorce.

However, once producers reportedly learned about the scandal, which had yet to hit the internet, Rasheeda and her husband were offered a whopping $1 million to recreate the drama for the purpose of the show.

It's said that Rasheeda and Kirk agreed to unfold the love child drama on the current series of LHHATL, but it came with a price. So, while fans will see things unfold as if the reality star had no knowledge of Kirk having a baby outside of their marriage, she allegedly knew all along.

It is further added by the source that Rasheeda and Frost had conversations in private regarding the matter and how they were going to move forward from the scandal, but everything was later on recreated to make it seem as if the "Legs to the Moon" star found out during the taping.

It goes without saying, however, that overlooking Kirk's cheating was hard for Rasheeda and the fact that she was able to return to the show knowing that her husband had fathered another child was something she had to accept before filming scenes for the first couple of episodes.

An insider then concludes by stressing that Rasheeda and her husband are not divorcing, despite all the drama that has surrounded their marriage in recent months.

While Kirk is said to have fathered another child, Rasheeda has accepted it for what it is and is openly giving her partner of twenty years another chance to make things right.

Let it be known that if a similar incident like this happens again, Rasheeda has warned her man that she won't be so generous to grant him back into her life — regardless of how much she is offered to dish her private life on reality television.

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]