Brooke Mueller Enters Rehab For Adderall Addiction

Brooke Mueller is back in rehab.

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife entered rehab today to deal with an addiction to Adderall. TMZ reports that this is the 19th time that Mueller has checked into rehab.

Mueller had a bit of a health scare on Friday when she was taken to the hospital after she was “found non-responsive while she was napping.” Rumors started circulating that Mueller had overdosed but her rep, Steve Honig, said that Mueller was merely suffering from “exhaustion and dehydration.”

Honig said:

“She was diagnosed with exhaustion and dehydration and is now fine and resting at home. That’s it.”

US Magazine reports that no drugs were found in Mueller’s system during her hospital but Mueller’s attorney, Yale Galanter, said that the 35-year-old star is still battling addiction.

Galanter said:

“Brooke was uncomfortable with the way Adderall was making her behave … Brooke continues her lifelong battle with drug addiction by taking these steps herself to prevent a further drug relapse.”

Mueller has reportedly been in and out of rehab 19 times over the years. Her most recent visit to a treatment center was this Summer. She also spent 90-days in a drug treatment program earlier this year after she was arrested for cocaine use in Colorado.