June 29, 2017
Evil 'Ghost' Has Reportedly Been Terrorizing Village in Thailand For Months

Residents of a tiny village in the Amnat Charoen Province of Eastern Thailand claim that they have been being terrorized by an evil "ghost" for the last several months. Known as "phi pob," the so-called evil ghost is no stranger to Thailand, but this village's current haunting has reportedly gotten so severe that horrified and distraught villagers have gone so far as to contact the Royal Thai Police Force in an effort to put an end to the devastating haunting.

According to many in the small village, the evil ghost, always described as a female, has been such a problem that the intervention of police is necessary to keep the peace and set the minds of frightened villagers at ease.

As Fox News reports, the purportedly female evil ghost has been doing serious damage in the small Thailand village. In addition to allegedly killing four valuable cows, the phi pob is also being blamed for the inexplicable illnesses of four border police officers. Things within the village have gotten so bad and villagers so concerned that village leadership begged Royal Thai Police Force officers to come in an attempt to "strengthen civilian morale, prevent panic and boost residents' confidence in living their daily lives."

As BBC News reports, Thailand is said to be home to a plethora of ghosts and spirits. Some are known to locals to be benign, others, such as the evil phi pob, decidedly malignant. In the case of the particular evil ghost said to be mercilessly haunting this small village, it is believed to possess human beings and cause havoc and distress for entire villages. The so-called "hungry ghost" is also known to eat the entrails of its human victims.

The current months-long and widespread haunting in Eastern Thailand is not unique either. Authorities say that many rural areas of the country report problems stemming from phi pob hauntings every year.

In many cases, the evil ghosts are blamed for decidedly inexplicable human behavior. For example, in 2016, three citizens of rural Thailand claimed that a evil phi pob ghost forced a group of neighbors and family members to "strip naked at knifepoint."

According to local police chief Adul Chaiprasithikul, they take reports of phi pob seriously in Thailand, and officers have already beefed up their presence in the besieged village. Whether the evil ghost is real or not real, authorities recognize that widespread belief in the phantoms creates the need for an official response when one is requested.

"More people believe in phi pob than those who don't."
Police claim that they are working to remove the evil spirit from the area, but have not expanded on precisely what steps are being taken to achieve their lofty goal.

What do you think about widespread reports of an evil phi pob ghost in Thailand? Is this a case of mass hysteria, or could it be a legitimate case of the supernatural making itself known? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Suchada Promchan/Shutterstock]