Kate Winslet’s ‘Unusual Hat’ A ‘Fascinator,’ Turns Heads In Hong Kong

kate winslet unusual hat 2012

Kate Winslet‘s “unusual hat” habit has gotten the star some attention lately, as her new “fascinator” phase has added a bit of color and tradition to otherwise same-old, same-old Hollywood fashion.

But Kate Winslet’s unusual hat is purely British, a reminder that, while our older bros on the other side of the pond may look like us, they also have a bit of fancy Americans don’t tend to possess — and 37-year-old Winslet has managed to pull off the funny hat look on more than one occasion.

Kate Winslet first sported an unusual hat last month notably when she went to hang out with and meet Queen Elizabeth II. But as Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding last year reminded us, Brits apparently dig on totally ridiculous but endearing hats, and two royal cousins went viral with their own quite preposterous hat-wearing choices at the historic gala event.

The unusual hat style favored recently by Kate Winslet does not approach the silliness of the millinery fashion displayed by Princess Beatrice back then, but the fascinating fascinators worn by the Titanic actress in recent weeks have certainly turned American heads.

Winslet’s current unusual hat debuted alongside the actress at The Longines Hong Kong Cup horse race at the Shatin race track when she wore it accompanied by Richard Branson’s nephew Ned Rocknroll. (Born Abel Smith.)

kate winslet unusual hat

The frothy gold creation, paired with a figure-hugging red lacy dress, did a pretty good impression of a centerpiece while propped askew on Winslet’s do, with roses and tangly bits complimenting her golden, blonde locks.

Do you like Kate Winslet’s unusual hat and wish American celebs would be this level of posh sometimes?