June 29, 2017
'Death Note' Trailer Features Willem Dafoe As The Death God Ryuk

Taking advantage of the trend of adapting comics, Netflix has been producing a Death Note adaptation, casting Willem Dafoe as the antagonist, Ryuk. Presenting a teaser trailer for the upcoming Death Note premiere, Netflix has revealed the first look at Dafoe as the Death God, proving once again that Willem has a talent for playing creepy, sinister villains.

Netflix Gives Fans A First Glimpse Of Their Death Note Adaptation

Variety reports that the popular anime Death Note has been adapted as a live-action film by Netflix, and the new teaser released by the streaming company impresses with a story of absolute power corrupting absolutely. At the heart of this cautionary tale is Willem Dafoe as the antagonist, a death god and a villain -- or is he only acting according to his nature?

Death Note stars Nat Wolff as Light Turner, a young, unpopular teen who gets his wish for a way to mete out justice to the bullies, villains, and terrorists of the world. With his newly acquired Death Note journal, Light only needs to jot down the name of his victim and Willem's Ryuk takes care of the rest.

Unfortunately, Light turns to the Death Note more and more, finding the power that he holds as addictive as any drug.

"We're not the good guys anymore," Light Turner realizes midway through the Death Note teaser.

Death Note, Light Turner, Nat Wolff
'Death Note' brings Light Turner (Nat Wolff) the power to deliver justice with the stroke of a pen. [Image by Netflix]

Willem Dafoe Is Chilling As The Death Note God, Ryuk

As Movie Web reports, this is the second trailer for Death Note, and we still don't get a very good look at Willem Dafoe's Ryuk. Most glimpses of Ryuk in the teaser have him shrouded in darkness, so it's difficult to make out much more than the general shape of Dafoe's costume. That silhouette does satisfy fans of the manga character in at least one respect -- Netflix's Ryuk seems to be a faithful recreation.

Willem Dafoe, Ryuk, Death Note
Willem Dafoe brings Ryuk eerily to life in 'Death Note.' [Image by Netflix]

Other than that, Dafoe remains steeped in mystery, and that may be for the best. To reveal too much of Ryuk might spoil the effect the Death Note character has on viewers. As he is now, little more than a black shadow, the Death Note antagonist is sinister and terrifying, leaving viewers to wonder if Ryuk might really be lurking in the shadows.

Even Dafoe's chuckle at the end of the clip is wrought with both madness and malicious intent.

Death Note, starring Lakeith Stanfield, Margaret Qualley, and Willem Dafoe, premieres on August 25 on Netflix.

[Featured Image by Netflix]