June 29, 2017
Abby Lee Miller Gets Paranoid Before Prison, Screams That She's 'Not A Criminal Mastermind'

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime -- unfortunately, nobody told Abby Lee Miller about this age-old adage.

The disgraced former Dance Moms star talked about her fears to Radar Online, and she went into excessive detail about how, and why, she doesn't want to serve time beginning today.

According to Abby Lee Miller, she's not a "criminal mastermind," but rather, she's just a nice Catholic girl from Pittsburgh. Furthermore, said Miller, she didn't mean to defraud the government, but she listened to and trusted the wrong people. If she'd gotten better advice, she said, she wouldn't have gone to prison.

"Miller pled guilty to not reporting an international monetary transaction and one count of concealing bankruptcy assets in June 2016. 'People have said, Okay, keep your mouth shut, stay to yourself. If there's an argument, if something's going on, just look the other way, walk away,' she continued. 'That's not me!'"

The good news for Miller, of course, is that she will only do about 10 months in the federal penitentiary; the rest of her sentence will be served out in a halfway house. That's still a lot better than what could happen, given the circumstances presented here.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, despite the fact that Abby Lee Miller is looking at a prison sentence, she still has no problem breaking the law, as evidenced by the fact that she parked in a disabled parking spot without a necessary sticker.

Since this happened out in Los Angeles, Miller would be facing a $1,000 fine if she'd stayed in the space. So she moved the car -- right into a red zone, which carries a $2,500 fine and an impound of the car.

"Abby Lee Miller kinda pulled a Sharon Stone from 'Basic Instinct' Friday... committing an offense that pales by comparison to the other things she's done. Abby Lee parked in a disabled spot in L.A.... which carries a $1,000 fine. And this is hilarious... she must have realized what she was doing, so she moved her car. Problem is... she moved it into a red zone!"

We agree with TMZ...it IS hilarious. And we are officially petty.

Finally, Abby Lee Miller will be featured on the new season of Dance Moms, which premieres August 1 on Lifetime. And while she isn't hosting the show anymore, her final appearance on the show that she helped make famous (and the show that made her famous) is all the way over the top with her "final goodbye."

She also said that she "regrets everything," and she never meant to hurt the children that were in her care.

"In the explosive supertease, Miller, 51, emotionally says her final goodbye to the dancers (and the moms) who have stood by her all these years, through the drama and the tears. 'I created livelihoods for so many children,' she says. 'It was all going to end someday.' As mixed emotions begin to rise and questions begin to circulate on who will take Millers' place, Laurieann Gibson, famed choreographer who has worked with Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, makes a surprise appearance, igniting a little spark in the entire Dance Moms crew. But, shortly thereafter, the girls' new leader, Cheryl Burke steps in to save the day — leading with grace, encouragement and ease."

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[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]