June 30, 2017
Drug Cartel Boss Dismembers Girl Alive With Parents Watching, Gets Seven Life Sentences

A drug cartel leader who dismembered a six-year-old girl with an axe in front of her parents has been given seven life sentences. Marciano Millan Vasquez was given multiple life sentences for his direct involvement in the deaths of over 30 people between 2009 and 2015 in Mexico.

The six-year-old girl, one of Millan's victims had been cut to pieces and burnt on her parent's patio to send a message. According to the San Antonio Express, the 34-year-old butcher of the notorious Zetas drug cartel will spend the rest of his life in an American prison even though he committed all his crimes in northern Mexico. US law allows the federal government to prosecute anyone whose criminal activity can be connected back to the US.

A 39-year-old former gang member presently under witness protection said he had been forced to watch the gruesome murder as punishment for a missing shipment of marijuana. The witness recalled that a man, his wife, and little girl were blindfolded and tied up on a patio with a fire burning inside a barrel close by.

He said the blindfolds were removed and the parents were forced to watch a laughing Vasquez hack the screaming girl into pieces and toss her remains in the burning barrel. In an interview, with the Guardian, the man divulged that the parents were later killed along with 12 more people that night.

During his two-week trial, Vasquez's lawyer, Jamie Cavazos argued that his client was innocent, describing him as a down-to-earth farmer who sold goats and pigs for a living. However, the jury was not convinced and convicted the drug cartel boss of all the 10 charges he was facing.

The charges included killing people while engaged in international drug racketeering, drug trafficking and distribution of marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine, possession of illegal firearms, providing false identification to US authorities, employing minors in drug operations, and a slew of other charges.

Marciano Millan Vasquez began as a foot soldier and worked his way up to become boss of a Zetas smuggling ring in northern Mexico. But in 2011, a high-ranking member of the drug cartel handed himself over to US authorities promising to snitch on his former colleagues.

The defector paid dearly for it as over 300 people related to him or suspected of being "rats" like him were rounded up and killed. In order to get rid of them, their bodies were dissolved in barrels of acid or burnt with diesel fuel. The Zeta cartel bombed homes, sacked towns and killed men, women, and children. Most of them had nothing to do with the drug trade.

Marciano Millan Vasquez was arrested July 2015 in a San Antonio residence where he was living under a fake name and with relatives. The 34-year-old stood without emotion as the judge pronounced his seven concurrent life sentences. He was also sentenced to an additional five years for lying to federal agents and fined $1 million.

[Featured Image by Rashide Frias Fotolia/AP Images]