Florida Police Hunting Half-Naked Cross-Dressing Man Leaving Underwear And Pantyhose On Cars

Florida police officers are searching for a half-naked cross-dressing man who is randomly leaving pantyhose and underwear on vehicles in parking lots around Flagler County.

Photos of the cross-dressing man wearing just a T-shirt and women's panties were posted to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office Facebook page this week. Florida law enforcement officers are hoping someone in the area will recognize the man and call in a tip about his identity.

The unidentified barefoot cross-dressing Florida man is shown getting into a black vehicle after dropping pantyhose and panties on cars in the photo shared on social media.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said his office needs to identify the man before the situation escalates into something far more serious.

Steve Brandy, a representative of the Florida police agency, told reporters from WKMG that taking such bold action in the middle of the day is concerning. Brandt also said the sheriff's office wants to make contact with the cross-dressing man and reach out to him so they can find out why he is leaving pantyhose and underwear on cars and put a stop to the highly unusual behavior.

Florida law enforcement officials first learned of the half-naked man's antics in Flagler County after an anonymous complaint was received earlier this week. The reporting individual claimed the unidentified man was attempting to put pantyhose on vehicles belonging to workers parked at a Houligans location in Palm Coast.

After leaving Houligans, the same man was allegedly spotted following employees in a nearby Home Deport parking lot. Staffers at Houligans warned other workers at adjacent businesses about the cross-dressing man.

A worker at Ruby Tuesdays saw a man wearing women's clothing in the parking lot before ending her shift. When she walked out to her car, the woman said she saw the clothing the man had been wearing on her vehicle. The Ruby Tuesdays employee told local reporters she now runs straight to her car when leaving work.

flagler county sheriff's office
Florida police officials are concerned the actions by the half-naked cross-dressing man could escalate into something more serious. [Image by Kajonsak Tui/Shutterstock]

Police officers do not yet know if the cross-dressing man is a local resident or merely a traveler who stopped in the area. Because the pantyhose and underwear incidents occurred over several days, law enforcement investigators currently believe the man shown in the surveillance video footage likely lives in the county.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office has also stated the cross-dressing man has not yet done anything illegal. However, Brandt said man's behavior could indicate "many different things."

Rapists have been known to place items on cars to mark potential victims. When the victim stops to investigate and remove the item, they are stalled in a vulnerable position as they remove the item and then attacked.

Anyone with information about the incidents involving the half-naked cross-dressing man is being urged by Florida police officials Flagler County Sheriff's Office at 386-313-4911 or the CrimeStoppers hotline at 1-888-277-TIPS to remain anonymous.

[Featured Image by Joesayhello/Shutterstock]