Man Carrying Sex Drugs Was Caught On Camera Making Five Attempts To Kidnap School Girls By Claiming To Be An Undercover Police Officer

A 28-year-old man, who authorities say was carrying a sex drug, was caught on camera making five attempts to kidnap young girls between the ages of 11 and 14 as they were walking to school by claiming to be an undercover police officer, reported the Mirror.

On the morning of January 18, Abdi Waise of Kenneth Robbins House in Tottenham approached a young girl as she was walking to school and asked if he could have breakfast with her. Waise then told the child that he was an undercover police officer and knew her mother, assuring her that he was safe enough to go home with.

Security camera showed the young girl attempting to get away from Waise, but he was seen pulling her shoulder, attempting to kidnap the child. When he became distracted, the child was able to break free and run to her school, where she informed her teacher about the incident.

When the man's attempt at child abduction failed, that didn't stop Wasie from trying again. Just shortly after his first attempt, he was caught on camera trying to lure another girl, who was outside waiting for her school bus, by telling her he was an undercover police officer.

He told the child that she was not allowed to get on the bus just yet and for unknown reasons, Waise told her that he needed her bag to conduct a search. In lieu of following his orders, the child became frightened and reportedly ran back to her home.

Waise followed behind her without realizing that her parents were in the home. When the child told her parents, one of them "challenged him and appeared to scare him off."

According to the BBC News, after nearly three hours of trying to abduct a child, the man approached a group of teen boys and attempted to "bribe them to kidnap a girl." He reportedly offered to pay the teens money if they used "isopropyl nitrate, commonly known as 'poppers' to kidnap a girl."

Documents stated that he told the teen boys that the girl would pass out, and they would be able to do what they wanted with her. The teenagers refused, but the following day, police officials did a "stop and search" and found "two bottles of isopropyl nitrate, also known as poppers" in his possession.

Waise was arrested and found guilty on July 13 of "one count of kidnapping and four counts of attempted kidnapping at Wood Green Crown Court."

DCI Paul Trevers stated that "Waise went out with the plan of abducting a girl. He made concerted and increasingly desperate attempts over the course of about two and half hours. When deception didn't work, he became increasingly forceful."
"Fortunately, all the girls saw through his ruse, and whilst frightened all made it away safely. I want to praise the incredibly brave children involved in this matter - both victims and witnesses."
"They have gone through a very frightening ordeal and shown immense courage, not only at the time of the offenses but also when forced to relive their experiences during the trial process," Travers continued. "I also place on record my thanks for partners in education and probation, who were very supportive of our policing plan to prevent further offenses, as well as identifying the offender."
"Offenses such as these are extremely rare, and due to our increased and proactive police operation out on the streets Waise was caught within 24 hours."
Abdi Waise, who was found guilty of attempting to kidnap five girls in one day by claiming to be an undercover police officer, will be sentenced July 21.

[Photo by Handout/Getty Images]