June 29, 2017
Dakota Johnson's Intimacy With Jamie Dornan Is Not Worrying Amelia Warner

Fifty Shades Freed stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan's on-screen chemistry is not a concern for Amelia Warner.

Dakota and Jamie have been under media scrutiny ever since they starred in the first erotic Fifty Shades film. Many publications went on to report that both Dakota and Jamie were having a secret affair behind Amelia Warner's back on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey. An article published by Australia News Network suggested that just to get into their respective character's skin, the leading stars of the BDSM oriented film were willing to cross all the limits.

"…they are secretly having an affair," claimed the absurd report.

When the talks of Dornan having a secret affair with Johnson surfaced online, fans were worried for Amelia Warner. The musician, who is married to the Irish actor, stated during her recent interview that those rumors do not affect her married life, and she is not bothered by all the romance rumors swirling around her husband and his Fifty Shades trilogy co-star. Despite all the whispers and speculation that The Anthropoid star is cheating on her with the Need For Speed actress, Amelia is confident that her husband's heart belongs to her and their beautiful children.

During Warner's conversation with Independent, the musician opened up about all the media coverage regarding the rumors that her marriage was on the rocks after her husband's erotic sex sessions with Dakota for the movie.

jamie dornan and amelia warner wedding picture
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According to Warner, all the media coverage about these reports are nothing but overblown news, and the happily married couple still manages to enjoy a low-profile existence.

"It doesn't impact our life much in a day-to-day way," says Warner. "Nothing has really changed in our lives since Fifty Shades. The biggest change for us was having kids. We now live in the Cotswolds, rather than London."

Back in 2016, many online outlets noted that Dakota's split with her longtime boyfriend, Matthew Hit, was because of her portrayal of Anastasia Steele and her closeness to her co-star. A source close to the former couple told Us Weekly that Matthew was not comfortable with Dakota's character in the erotic drama series and needed time to think over their relationship.

"Her life was getting too crazy and it wasn't something that he wanted to be a part of."
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Just Jared made it clear to the fans that the reason behind the split is not Jamie. Dakota broke up with Matthew due to their busy work commitments as she was deeply involved with Fifty Shades trilogy and Matthew, being a guitarist and the vocalist for the indie group, The Drowners, had to travel different places for his shows.

"They didn't get a chance to see much of each other recently because their work schedules didn't align. She's been up in Vancouver shooting the Fifty Shades trilogy."
To shut down all the rumors about his ongoing affair with Dakota, Jamie told The Times that there was nothing going on between both of them. They are just very close friends, and he is happy with his own married life with Amelia Warner.
"We're great friends because we can laugh at the absurdity of [the sex scenes]."
Fifty Shades Freed is scheduled to release on February 9, 2018. Do you think Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will reprise their role of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey if the studio makes another Fifty Shades movie? Sound off your views in the comments below.

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