June 29, 2017
Jenelle Evans Claims Her Mother Tricked Her Into Giving Up Custody Of Jace

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has been one of the more controversial figures on the show. The reality TV star has admitted that at one point in her life, she was severely addicted to heroin. The addiction was so bad that she was shooting up multiple times per day.

Jenelle Evans' heroin addiction is also part of the reason she relented primary custodianship of her eldest son, Jace, to her mother, Barbara. Barbara had planned to "give Jace back" when Jenelle was settled and free from her drug addiction, but the pair has yet to reach an agreement that they both find favorable.

The reality TV star has a book slated to be released in July, a memoir entitled Read Between the Lines. In the book, she opens up about her addiction, her issues with her mother and some of the issues with her father that have led her to become a serial dater.

In one section of the book, she claims that her mother tricked her into giving up custody of Jace.

The reality TV star says her mother urged her to go out with her friends, and she "took the bait." When she returned, she says, her mother had called Child Protective Services (CPS).

Jenelle Evans says her mother then told CPS officials that Jenelle was out partying all night and did that pretty often. As such, Jenelle Evans says she was forced to give up primary custody of Jace, something she still suffers with to this day.

The reality TV star and her mom recently fought for custody in the court for the 7-year-old. Jenelle Evans was hoping to come out victorious. However, the pair still shares custody of the child. Previously, the custody arrangement was that Jenelle could see Jace whenever she asked. However, it never seemed to work out that way between the two. As a result, they now have a more formal schedule in place so that there is no issue and that Barbara cannot tell Jenelle Evans not to see her son.

Jenelle recently took Jace on a fancy vacation to St. Thomas Islands where they swam, rode horses, and had an amazing time.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]