June 29, 2017
Landon Clements Gives Update On ROAM, Reveals Her Future Plans For Investors

Landon Clements announced on Southern Charm that she wanted to start her own travel website. Within months, she had created a layout for her website ROAM, where people could go to get information about what to do in various cities across the world. However, this year, Clements ran into some problems as she learned that she could legally not use the word "ROAM" for her company. Instead, she needed to rebrand herself and rethink her strategy. While she did get advice from her co-stars, her father struggled to believe her daughter's big dream.

According to a new Bravo report, Landon Clements recently gave an update on her business venture, and she's revealing that she has big dreams. Of course, she wanted the website to be a go-to place for fun things to do in any given city, but she's also thinking about investing in real estate and getting some potential investors on board. Running a website and renovating older hotels may be far from one another in the business world, but it sounds like Landon has a vision and is ready to make it a reality. She may even get her father involved to make it a success.

"My whole idea with the travel stuff is to be able to travel like a local wherever you go," Landon told Bravo, adding about her long-term goal, "Long, long term goals is I would love to do boutique hotels and get the funds to buy [them]."

In addition to renaming her website, Landon Clements is now working with a friend to make the website a success. No longer called ROAM, the website is now called Trovareco and has the same concept as ROAM. No word on whether Clements is currently making any money from the website, but it sounds like she is hoping to make it a big success with her plan on getting real estate investors involved.

As for her Southern Charm co-stars, Shep Rose may be skeptical as to how things are going to work out for Landon. He had heard that she was very aggressive in how she handled herself at investors meetings last year. In addition, he felt that she was lying to improve her image, even though she didn't have a job. It will be interesting to see if Clements can make her dream a reality.

What do you think of Landon Clements' new website? Do you think ROAM could potentially become something big?

[Featured Image by Bravo]