June 29, 2017
Melania Trump's Jaunt To Trump Tower In NYC Ends In Mystery

The social media sites were buzzing when Melania Trump made a surprise trip to Trump Tower on Wednesday. The first lady was all by herself except for the entourage of Secret Service agents who surrounded her. Melania's trip didn't appear to last too long as she was seen being whisked away from Trump Tower in the afternoon. While her schedule was a mystery, which includes her time of arrival in New York and her departure, there is a clue that her trip is over that appears in Donald Trump's daily schedule for today, June 29th.

Where Melania Trump is at the moment hasn't been revealed, but one could only surmise that she's back at the White House because her husband's schedule indicates she will be by his side today. She will have dinner at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tonight with her husband and President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea. Before the dinner, Melania is scheduled to be at a reception for Moon with her husband, President Trump. Before all these events take place, Melania is also on the President's schedule to greet Moon as he arrives, so she has a busy day planned by her husband's side.

It looks as though President Trump may have taken a few hours out of his schedule in between a meeting in D.C. and tonight's festivities. Possibly it is to spend some time with Melania before the two embark on a full evening. The Conservative Daily News noted that Trump's schedule today has a few mid afternoon hours that are unaccounted for.

Melania Trump's Trip To NYC Ends
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Trump's schedule indicates that Melania will be back at the White House this afternoon, according to Conservative Daily News. That is if she's not there already. The president's schedule includes Melania Trump by his side from 6 p.m. through the remainder of the night for Thursday 's events. According to the Conservative Daily News, this is what Donald and Melania Trump's schedule looks like for today, Thursday, June 29.

  • 6:00 PM The president and first lady welcome President Moon of the Republic of Korea – South Portico
  • 6:15 PM The president and first lady participate in a reception with the Republic of Korea delegation – State Floor
  • 6:30 PM The president and first lady have dinner with President Moon – State Dining Room
President Trump has a full day starting with an intelligent briefing at 10:30 a.m. and he will continue with his scheduled tasks until Moon arrives. The next stop for President Trump after the briefing is an event for Unleashing American Energy at the Department of Energy, where he will "deliver remarks." After arriving back at the White House at 3:50 p.m., he has a good chunk of unscheduled time. His next event is at 6 p.m. when he joins Melania to greet Moon.

Trump Tower Mystery Trip Ends For Melania Trump
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Melania conjured up quite the buzz wearing a cashmere coat in the 80-degree heat of New York City on Wednesday, according to International Business Times. There wasn't much to report on her quick visit to Trump Tower, and it remains a mystery today as to why she was there. Leaving Barron behind at the White House seemed to be a good indication that she didn't plan to be in the Big Apple for any length of time, although some of the headlines about her trip made it sound almost permanent.

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