June 29, 2017
Abby Lee Miller Gets Prepared For Tomorrow's Prison Check-In

Abby Lee Miller will be checking into prison tomorrow to begin her one year and and a day prison sentence. The Dance Moms star will be serving her time for bankruptcy fraud, where she failed to report at least $775,000 worth of income to the US government, and for bringing over $10,000 from Australia into the United States without reporting it.

The former reality star has been seen all over Los Angeles going to various restaurants and making appointments with friends for goodbye meals and getting de-stressing massages before her big day. A few days ago, however, she was seen parking illegally twice in one day, including parking in a handicapped spot and blocking a driveway.

Ahead of her check-in, Abby Lee Miller has had a gastric sleeve fitted on her stomach to reduce it by 80%, meaning that she will emerge from prison a totally different person. If she plans to have surgery to reduce her extra skin, she will need to wait until her sentence is already finished.

Abby Lee Miller has also been having issues with her knee, which she has already had surgery on, and recently reported to the doctor to get a shot to help relieve the pain. According to her X-rays, she has lost some of the cushioning between her bones and they are rubbing together, which is no doubt incredibly painful.

Some fans and viewers believe that Abby Lee Miller is posting X-rays and a video of her getting an injection in her knee as a way to drum up last minute sympathy before her time in prison. Either way, it is good she is getting it addressed now, because it is not likely that she will be getting specialist care for her knee inside of a federal prison.

Abby Lee Miller has confessed that she is very scared of going to prison, especially due to her brazen personality.

Friends have advised the Dance Moms alum to walk away if she sees a fight or someone tries to involve her in one, but she has confessed that this may be difficult for her because that's definitely not in her personality.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]