June 29, 2017
Jason Momoa Begs Paparazzi For Some Private Time With Kids, Happy To Be With His 'Ohana'

Jason Momoa is spending some quiet time in Australia with his children and doesn't want any stolen photos as he calmly requests the paparazzi to leave him and his kids alone.

The Game of Thrones actor, who gave life to Daenerys Targaryen's beloved Khal Drogo, has already reached the celebrity status that not many actors can achieve. Despite that, he maintains a private life with his family—something that can be quite difficult to comprehend for actors of his caliber because of the constant intrusion of the paparazzi.

Being married to his wife Lisa Bonet for 10 years, 37-year-old Jason Momoa has become accustomed to Hollywood only to a certain extent. With that said, he wants to stay under the radar to maximize his time with his kids, 9-year-old Lola Iolani and 8-year-old Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha.

In fact, he just begged the Australian paparazzi to leave them alone while he spends quality time with his "ohana" through an Instagram post.

According to Refinery29, Jason Momoa, who will be portraying Aquaman in the upcoming DC Universe film Justice League, is currently in Australia to be with his children and doesn't want to ruin it with the paparazzi running around taking candid pictures.

Based on the report, there are anti-paparazzi laws in place in the United States but not in Australia. Citing a report from Fox News, the law reportedly prohibits taking stolen photos of children, which also covers celebrity offspring.

Despite that, some members of the paparazzi continue to stalk celebrity kids, something actress Jennifer Gardner deemed unethical when she testified at the California Legislature in 2013.

"Literally everyday there are as many as 15 cars of photographers waiting outside our home," she said.

"In the course of our ordinary day — trips to school, pediatrician, ballet, or the grocery store — paparazzi swarm. Large aggressive men swarm us causing a mob scene, yelling, jockeying for a position, crowding around the kids."
This is exactly what the hunk hailing from Hawaii want to avoid which is why he takes extra precautionary measures when in a place where paparazzi are not regulated by law.

"Please please please. Australia Paparazzi Let me papa bear with my babies #drogoissleeping Mahalo for the respect Aloha j," he pleaded in the Instagram post which was accompanied by a photo of him with his kids while strolling the Australian beach.

According to latest Justice League updates from Screen Rant, Jason Momoa has just finished his reshoots for the film as Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman.

Other news about the actor from the Daily Mail notes that he went through more intensive training to "bulk up," which may be why he is happy to be with his "ohana," a Hawaiian term that means "family."

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[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for InStyle]