June 29, 2017
Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn Dennis Bitter Feud Continues At Courthouse

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis didn't even look at each other during their highly anticipated first meeting at court yesterday, but that doesn't mean there were no personal attacks taken by either side. Their custody battle has been heated and full of allegations of drug and alcohol abuse. Given how things played out yesterday, it looks like things will remain heated between Ravenel and Dennis for a while.

The couple met in a Charleston, South Carolina courtroom on Wednesday morning in a custody battle that has been going on since 54-year-old Thomas and 24-year-old Kathryn split up in 2016. The fight over daughter Kensie and son Saint has been a bitter one with accusations of drug use and alcohol abuse being just some of the mud slung by the Southern Charm stars.

Thomas arrived first, just before 9 a.m. with a cup of coffee. Dressed in a navy blue blazer and tan pants, he joined his attorneys in a discussion. Kathryn arrived minutes later wearing a striped shirt and navy cigarette pants and carrying a water bottle. Daily Mail reports that outside the courtroom, someone with Ravenel joked, "Look, she's carrying her gin. That'll go down well in court." After a few minutes behind closed doors with their teams, the two were forced to sit outside those doors and wait. They sat far apart and never spoke or looked at each other.


Radar Online reported in May that Dennis participated in a month-long rehab program after failing a drug test that showed signs of methadone, marijuana, amphetamines, and crack/cocaine in her system. She has accused Ravenel of using mushrooms and cocaine in front of their children and has requested more frequent random drug testing for him.

Court records also indicate that Thomas has told Kathryn that he believes that her behavior while she was pregnant with 18-month-old Saint harmed him, referring to a report from an audiologist.


Prior to yesterday's court date, Ravenel's legal team had offered a deal to Dennis's team. She had not signed it when she arrived yesterday. She did, however, present them with an offer minutes before yesterday's hearing. Thomas' team called it "crazy."

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