Facebook Deleting Close To 66,000 Posts Per Week As Anti-Hate Campaign Ramps Up

In an effort to stamp out as much hate as possible, Facebook is moving forward with getting rid of all the hate speech they can on their website. Each and every single week, Facebook is deleting approximately 66,000 posts in an anti-hate campaign. With this campaign, they are cracking down on what they consider hate speech and looking to rid the social media giant of as much of it as humanly possible.

According to ABC News, Facebook has already addressed the fact that they realize many users may see their deleting posts as a form of "censorship." While they respect that view of things, the company is currently working on a way to completely explain its process and how it views what is to be considered hate speech.

They are also working on an explanation as to why they are against hate speech existing on the Facebook platform.

Facebook is putting a lot of strength and power behind this anti-hate campaign as they plan on hiring an additional 3,000 people in the next year who will simply review posts. At this current time, they already have 4,500 employees who are strictly delegated to viewing posts for hate speech.

facebook deleting posts anti-hate campaign
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As it currently stands, Facebook defines hate speech as anything posted that attacks people based on their sexual orientation, race, and/or other "protected characteristics." While more employees are being hired to review posts, Facebook does put a lot of weight on the shoulders of its users to report any posts they feel to be hate speech.

This goes right along with Facebook looking to stamp out posts that are deemed "fake news" and they're deleting a lot of spam/fake accounts to help do that. As reported by Recode back in April, reviewers are getting rid of spam accounts which can be used to spread fake news and build up Likes and comments on other posts.

Along with those posts and accounts, the number of deleted posts containing hate speech rise dramatically from 66,000 into the stratosphere.

There is no denying that mistakes are going to be made and already have been. Just last year, Facebook deleted a post made by a black activist which showed hate mail he had received that included racial slurs in it. Not only did Facebook restore the post after realizing their error, but they apologized.

Vice President Richard Allen knows this will happen and that is why more reviewers are being hired.

"We know that these kinds of mistakes are deeply upsetting for the people involved and cut against the grain of everything we are trying to achieve at Facebook."
Facebook is indeed a social media site which allows its users to express their minds, their words, and virtually anything else they wish. The only thing is that Mark Zuckerberg is not going to let people get away with falsified news and spewing hate speech so that others can be affected by it. By hiring on thousands of more employees and deleting around 66,000 posts a week, Facebook is obviously taking its anti-hate campaign very seriously.

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