Serena Williams Shoots Down John McEnroe With Baby News, Husband Alexis Ohanian, And Gigantic Net Worth

Serena Williams came out of her tranquil pregnancy to shoot down John McEnroe. The occasion was that the retired male tennis player hinted that she would be unremarkable in the men's game. Of course, as the tennis player who has won the most number of Grand Slam titles, with net worth much higher than McEnroe's, Serena decided to say a few words back.

The 58-year-old tennis legend came under fire when he commented that she would rank very lowly if she played in the men's game, saying that she would come in "like 700 in the world", according to Yahoo! Sports.

Serena Williams took to Twitter to express her thoughts.

"Dear John," she tweeted. "I adore and respect you but please please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. More I've never played anyone ranked 'there' nor do I have time. Respect me and my privacy as I'm trying to have a baby. Good day sir."

After immense outpouring against him, John McEnroe tried to apologize, but still stood by his opinion.

"Maybe it was wrong," McEnroe said according to Yahoo! Sports. "I'll agree, it would have been better not to have said it. I didn't realize it would create something like this [...] That was just an opinion. This is not something that has been earth shattering, that I feel there's a difference in the level of the women and the men."

Considering just how much more history and money Serena has made, she no longer felt the need to have another exchange with the tennis legend. Being six months pregnant, preparing for a wedding with Alexis Ohanian, and taking care of her fashion line have been helpful in keeping her away from nonsensical comments from retired tennis players.

Most recently, the 35-year-old tennis player had her love story with Alexis Ohanian covered by Vanity Fair, with her pictures taken by Annie Leibovitz. The cover, which featured the all-time greatest tennis player in nude and proudly pregnant, has created a lot of buzz.

The article made sure to depict a much more realistic picture of her athletic career, detailing all her achievements and accolades.

"Serena Williams is the best tennis player in history, with an aggregate winning percentage of 85.76 percent and 72 tournaments won on the Women's Tennis Association tour (including the 23 grand-slam victories in 29 singles finals, not to mention 14 doubles finals with sister Venus)," the article reported. "She has earned $84,463,131 in career prize money and nearly twice that in endorsements and appearance fees."

That was not the end of the story. The magazine shared the love story of Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, with all the never-been-told details of how they met, their affair, trials, and tribulations.

Possibly with a nod towards people like John McEnroe, Serena remarked in the interview that she plans on returning to the game as soon as January because she does not think her "story is over yet."

Her baby is due in the fall and the wedding will shortly follow. That means that she has measly three months to recover from childbirth, train herself back into tip-top shape, and compete against the world's top players.

Until then, Serena seems determined to focus on her pregnancy, her honeymoon period with Alexis, and her business ventures.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]