Amber Portwood Admits To ‘Taking A Few Steps Back’ In Her Progress

Amber Portwood had a dramatic end to Teen Mom OG on Monday night when she came out swinging as on-again, off-again fiancé, Matt Baier, failed a lie detector test on whether or not he had made sexual advances to specific women during their relationship.

Although Amber Portwood has a past of violent assault and drug addiction, both of which she has served time for, she kept her wits about her as much as possible during the big reveal. While the reality TV star did lunge for Baier a couple of times, she made sure she had security in the room to protect the pair from having a full-blown altercation, which was really a smart move on her part.

Rumors have swirled that Amber Portwood and Baier have gone on to star on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition with Amber’s mother, Tonya. Several media outlets have confirmed this, though Amber herself has denied it in one of her infamous Instagram Live sessions. Amber told fans that she is taking her mother on several week-long trips to Los Angeles for some bonding.

According to The Hollywood Life, however, Amber Portwood has decided to do the reality show without thinking her relationship is going to be fixed, and simply for the paycheck.

Amber Portwood has not stated that she is in a therapy program with her mother or Matt Baier, but she recently posted on Twitter that although she’s taken steps back in the progress she’s been making, she has been learning so much about herself through others. If she’s not in a therapy program, that is a rather odd thing to Tweet out, especially when part of the Marriage Bootcamp program is to ensure that people do take steps back so that they can unravel their relationships and take steps forward.

The Teen Mom OG star has been locked in a heated rivalry with co-star, Farrah Abraham, and it is no secret that the pair share a particular disdain for one another. However, at one point, Amber tweeted to Farrah that she “got her on Marriage Bootcamp,” so it may mean that Amber Portwood has more ties to the show than we are clued in on.

[Featured Image by Amber Portwood/Instagram]