June 28, 2017
Kailyn Lowry And Ex Javi Marroquin Are In A Good Place, But He's Still Planning His Epic Tell-All Book

Kailyn Lowry has had more than her fair share of drama in 2017, and it's not even the end of June. The Teen Mom 2 star shocked fans earlier this year when she announced she was pregnant with her third child and that the father was definitely not her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

During the past season of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry was especially bitter toward Javi Marroquin and would not allow him to even get a drink of water at her house or throw out his old mail in her garbage can. However, the pair seem to have moved past their differences, and they have been seen together co-parenting their 3-year-old son, Lincoln. Javi also shares a special bond with her older 7-year-old son, Isaac, whom she shares with ex Jo Rivera. True to his word, Javi has come to visit Isaac on multiple occasions.

While the pair seem to get along well enough to take their sons out on bike rides or to baseball practice, Javi isn't going soft on Kailyn Lowry when it comes to his tell-all book.

Kailyn Lowry recently revealed in her own book that Javi had serious control issues and used to check her phone several times a day.

Javi made a statement to Radar Online about the tell-all he is currently penning.

"Regardless of what's in my book Kail knows it's behind us and my story won't change," he said.

Javi has already savagely titled his book Heartlessly Hustled after Kailyn Lowry's newest book, Hustle and Heart. It seems Kailyn won't escape the public eye with Javi's tell-all in any way, shape, or form.

Rumors have swirled that Kailyn Lowry and Javi are planning to get back together, especially since both are now single. Kail has admitted that the father of her child is a friend from school, Chris Lopez, but that she does not expect him to be involved with their child, who is due in a matter of weeks. In fact, Kail has implied that he may not even be there at the birth. Instead, her long-time gal pal Becky Hayter may take over as her birthing coach.

While fans may want the pair to be back together, they have exchanged some biting words on Instagram that seem to suggest a reunion is not in the cards.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]