Superstars From Team Red And ‘SmackDown Live’ Set To Join Southpaw Regional Wrestling

WWE never likes to lose superstars to other promotions, but it isn’t such a bad thing when they make their way to Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Back in March, WWE came out of nowhere with a new YouTube series, which had today’s wrestlers going back in time to portray wrestlers from the ’80s. It has ended up being so incredibly successful that more stars from both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live are set to join the promotion.

The story behind Southpaw Regional Wrestling (SRW) is that WWE found a VHS tape in their archives and it is said to be from a “renegade promotion.” The “found footage” is from February of 1987 and said to be all that remains from classic ’80s-style wrestling organization.

Last month, John Cena (aka Lance Catamaran) spoke with Variety and confirmed that there would be more footage from Southpaw Regional Wrestling. He didn’t necessarily mean to let it come out, as it appeared to be a slip-up, but he doesn’t think the world has seen the last of the old-school promotion.

According to Wrestling Inc., once more footage of SRW is found and revealed to the world, it will include a number of new superstars. It looks as if the new talent will be played by the likes of Seth Rollins, Rhyno, The New Day, and many other superstars from both brands.

wwe news monday night raw smackdown live seth rollins new day southpaw regional wrestling
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The first video for Southpaw Regional Wrestling is simply titled “Episode One,” and it can be found on the official website of the WWE, but there are four episodes total which have been released at this time. If anyone is a longtime fan and watched it in the entire decade of the ’80s, SRW will bring back some very corny and awesome memories.

A number of fans couldn’t figure out which current WWE superstars were playing all of the roles in the different episodes, but here they are with their SRW identities.

  • John Cena as Lance Catamaran
  • Luke Gallows as Tex Ferguson
  • Karl Anderson as Chad 2 Badd
  • TJ Perkins as John Johnson
  • Chris Jericho as Clint Bobski
  • Fandango as Chett Chetterfield
  • Heath Slater as Impressive Pelvis Wesley
  • Tyler Breeze as “The Banker” Mr. Mackelroy
  • Luke Harper as La Barba Grande
  • Rusev as Bog Bartholomew
  • Lana as Christian Joy
  • John Cone as Chip Henderson
  • Carlos Cabrera as Spanish Voiceover Guy
  • Ric Flair as Paid Ric Flair Impersonator
  • Unknown as Sea Creature

If you haven’t yet watched SRW, you’ll see how guys such as The New Day and Seth Rollins will fit in just fine.

wwe news monday night raw smackdown live seth rollins new day southpaw regional wrestling
[Image by WWE]

While the storylines in wrestling are scripted, as well as the majority of the action, Vince McMahon and everyone wants the fans to take it seriously. Still, it is quite fun when the superstars of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live are able to poke fun at how things used to be and how wrestling has advanced. It is only a matter of time until more footage is found from Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and it’s going to be great to see which characters are introduced next.

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