Starfield Unveils the new Richard Syrett Show on Web TV

Starfield Unveils the new Richard Syrett Show on Web TV

Toronto October 19 (Inquisitr Wire) – Starfield Releasing is proud to unveil the new TFC / WOWTV production of broadcaster Richard Syrett’s high quality, edgy, and thought-provoking new television series: The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett.

Richard Syrett, a 20-year, major-market veteran of talk radio first came to note on The Richard Syrett Show originating at Toronto’s CFRB Radio where he soon drew a wide audience that became ever more focused on issues related to conspiracy theories and the paranormal. Richard provided a calm, intelligent and respectful environment which generated a big and loyal fan base.

Richard produced and hosted a similarly themed weekly show for UK’s famous Glastonbury Radio, at the same time becoming a hot guest-host on the US Coast to Coast show with an audience ranging from 10-17 million.
Speaking about the TV series, Richard notes:

“We aim to rattle some cages, take people out of their comfort zone, and get them asking questions of their own. After watching I expect people will soon realize that just because something appears on the front page of the New York Times doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. People are so hungry and so ready for this information. Many of us have always suspected “the world is being pulled over our eyes”, to quote Morpheus from The Matrix. The time for this type of television is now.”

Producing The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett came about when TFC Producer Ron Craig did some research supporting his suspicion that interest in conspiracy theory had become mainstream. Realizing this growing global constituency was underserved in television Ron and his partner Tony Luan at TFC Inc. joined forces with WOWTV Studios (Toronto) to co-produce the first season of 26 one-hour episodes.

“We are now in an era in which people who would never consider themselves “conspiracy theorists” commonly have interest in the propositions that might once have been considered a fringe realm” notes Ron Craig. “Interest in paranormal phenomena and unexplained mysteries, from alternative energy and health to forbidden archaeology and suppressed scientific discoveries are now fair game for all”.

TFC is a new Toronto-based, internationally oriented TV and webcasting company. The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett is the flagship venture for this new team.

Ron and Tony brought in Starfield’s Executive Producer Philip Jackson (Starhunter, Critical Tensions) to help develop the concept and direct the initial episodes, setting the template for the series.

“It’s time for something really new in this genre,” said Philip Jackson. “This is something refreshing, energized and a perfect launch pad for a new paradigm in this factual content. There is a lack of high-quality TV programming giving respectful and professional presentation to these great and ongoing debates.”

TFC Producer Tony Luan adds: “We have a fantastic partner in Richard Syrett and the co-production relationship with WOW TV brings the resources needed to make this something very exciting and very special. We are commercializing this growth area of public fascination and raising the bar in the quality of the debates in The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett”.

The show is designed with a sense of accessibility that reflects Richard’s radio roots. The series encourages its audience to feel comfortable in rationally exploring and debating views about subjects that run the gamut from 9/11 conspiracies to health “secrets”, assassinations and shadow governments to suppressed science.
“We couldn’t be more pleased to be the distributors of this exciting new series,” notes Starfield President Mark Pickering in a call from Starfield’s London office.

“With such a strong production team and the talent of Richard Syrett, The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett is sure to be one of the next great names in this TV format. With its intensive interaction in parallel web content, the series offers innovative engaging and highly-targeted programming.”

The series offers a respectful, but not unchallenging, platform to its guests. The always thought-provoking and sometimes controversial guests can be further engaged by the audience via the The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett website.


The site will provide access to documentation the guests refer us to, and countervailing mainstream documentation. Episodic critical reasoning guides will enable interested viewers to engage in reasoning and sleuthing work on their own.

Unedited interviews will also be available to audiences. Broadcasters will be able to link directly to these functions. The further functions of the site – affirmatively connecting the international conspiracy and paranormal communities- via Richard Syrett’s highly respected identity- is expected to bring audiences to the broadcasters, reversing the typical draw of the web from television.

“It will be a fully cross-branded product,” notes Jackson, “with the TV series, a content cross-reference to its interactive website offers broadcasters a vast reach with multiple opportunities for cross-branding.”
The trailer for The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett (click on trailer at was posted at MIPCOM, resulting in buyer interest in North America, UK, Australia and New Zealand with educational and non-theatrical rights distributed by Distribution Access.

In the first episode Richard has a fascinating, in-depth meeting with a thoughtful, engaging international spokesman for the UFO disclosure movement, holds a live-to- tape past life regression session and interviews the subject as she comes out of the experience, and meets an archivist and scientist exploring allegations that Nazi’s had a much larger role within the US government than is publicly acknowledged with direct consequences on current events.

The radio counterpart to The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett (an independent show not taped from the TV sessions) is broadcast from Toronto’s Zoomer Radio AM 740 and is heard from Thunder Bay Ontario to the Carolinas, Maine to Minnesota, New York, Washington and Chicago.

The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett is shot, post-produced and delivered in HDTV, running 47:30 each of 26 episodes.